DeSantis Hilariously Trolls Biden — Jabs ‘Brandon’ Administration

Ron DeSantis is truly taking a page out of Donald Trump’s book with his hilarious troll of Joe Biden’s horrific, unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

On Thursday, Florida’s GOP Governor held a ceremony in Brandon, Florida to sign numerous bills protecting the individual rights of citizens in his state. The decision to hold the signing ceremony in Brandon is an obvious call back to the viral “Let’s Go Brandon” meme currently sweeping across the United States.

Here are the bills signed into law by Gov. DeSantis:

  • HB 1B/SB 2B: Protects students, parents, workers and employers in our state by creating a framework for employees to make the best decision for their health and affirming the rights of parents to make health care decisions for their children. The bill prohibits COVID-19 vaccination mandates for employees in government and public education and protects parental choice on masks, vaccines and quarantine. Specifically, the legislation prohibits private-sector employers from having a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for employees without providing at least the five following individual exemptions:
  • HB 3B/SB 4B: Creates a public records exemption for information, including personal medical information and religious information, contained in files created during an investigation of an employer who refuses to provide individual exemptions from COVID-19 vaccination requirements.
  • HB 5B/SB 6B: Directs the Executive Office of the Governor to review options for the State of Florida to take responsibility over our own workers’ occupational safety and health issues in light of the misuse of OSHA by the Biden Administration.
  • HB 7B/SB 8B: Repeals the authority of the state Surgeon General to mandate vaccinations.

In regards to protecting individuals from Biden’s overreaching vaccine mandate, the legislation signed by DeSantis is the strongest enacted anywhere in the country thus far.

One reporter – and there’s always at least one – attempted a “gotcha” question, asking Gov. DeSantis “Why is it okay for to violate the conservative tenant of home rule but it’s bad when the Biden administration..”

You almost need a liberal media translator to decipher what this reporter meant.

The gist of his question was why, as a conservative, does Ron DeSantis believe it’s okay to use his executive authority over certain Florida cities to outlaw vaccine mandates when said cities are supportive of it?

DeSantis immediately fired back, completely destroying the reporter’s question.

He concluded:

“And so the question is: do we even have a Constitution that constrains people like Biden, or is it just when he loses patience he can do whatever the hell he wants to? No. I’ll take the Constitution, thank you very much.”

As DeSantis departed from the podium the city of Brandon brought down the house, erupting in a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that symbolizes America’s feelings about the cognitively deficient president hellbent on enacting medical tyranny.

This is what America’s all about.

Author: Asa McCue