GOP Leader Prevents ‘Build Back Better’ Vote With Epic Stunt

Sometimes bold action is required to confront and defeat evil.

That was surely the case this week when House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy successfully delayed a vote on the second installment of Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending plan.

The America First Republican gave a several-hours-long landmark speech bashing Biden’s socialist spending agenda, which delayed the scheduled Thursday vote until at least Friday morning.

According to several congressional reporters, the Democrats called it quits for the night as McCarthy continued hammering the bill as a socialist wish list that will cripple the American people with unfair taxes and generations of debt.

McCarthy made the case against Biden’s plan and the Democrat agenda in general, one which is increasingly unpopular with the American majority.

Most Americans aren’t even aware of the bill’s contents or the insidious way Democrats plan to pay for it.

Taxes on ALL Americans, not just those making $400,000 or more as Biden claimed, will skyrocket higher than ever before. Not since WWII has there been a tax plan so radically unhinged, so incendiary, and such a drastic change from the previous administration; it will be a slap in the face and a punch to the gut for most Americans.

Small businesses will be decimated and bulldozed to make room for corporate chains most of which are ardent followers of the Biden-Harris administration. Between red tape regulations, high taxes, forced medical treatments and a sinking labor market, how do Democrats expect small businesses to thrive?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caught the ire of McCarthy, who said the “damage she’s doing is a lot.”

McCarthy closed his four-hour-long speech with a message of hope to the American people. He reminded them of the work Republicans are doing to combat the Biden agenda, a political movement which seeks to destroy basic freedoms, heighten social tensions, and bankrupt the entire American economy.

If allowed to pass, if RINOs follow suit again in support of Democrats’ agenda, the Build Back Better spending program will radically transform the United States into an unrecognizable poor replication of some neoliberal European country.

That’s the future liberals want.

Author: Asa McCue