Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Is Doomed To Fail In The Senate, Here’s Why….

Democrats and the media made a big deal when the House passed their version of Biden’s massive, socialist spending bill. Big whoop. Nobody was surprised that the House, with its liberal majority, was going to pass the bill. They had only been delaying it due to Pelosi’s incompetence and lack of leadership.

The focus has always been on the Senate. Two moderate Democrats have been vocal in their opposition to Biden’s socialist takeover of our country. Without their votes, there is no way this bill is getting passed. But now, one Republican is claiming that several more Democrats could be abandoning Biden’s agenda.

“Not only is it Manchin, but you’ve got about five or six others in the Senate that are looking at their races, they’re down in the polls, or they’re tied up in the polls,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn told Just the News on Monday. “And the Republican ballot is up. Joe Biden, his popularity is just unbelievably low. I mean, whoever thought he would be lower than Jimmy Carter.”[…]

“And some of these House members who finally came around and voted for it. They might as well start cleaning their office out and heading home, give somebody their proxy to vote. They will not be reelected.” [Source: Just the News]

Sen. Blackburn from Tennessee claims that as many as six additional Senate Democrats are wavering on Biden’s massive spending bill. She points to polls that show them losing their reelection races–or tied with popular Republican challengers. She is suggesting that they will not support a spending bill that could cost them their jobs.

Blackburn even blasted moderates in the House who voted for this unpopular spending plan. She said they should be cleaning out their offices right about now because they “will not be reelected.”

After Democrats lost big in this year’s elections, many said it was because of Biden’s failures. What did Democrats claim? It was because they didn’t push his radical agenda enough. Democrats think what will save them is pushing Biden’s toxic, socialist plan. Despite the fact Biden has failed again and again, the left is determined to support a plan that benefits the rich elite and globalists.

Blackburn is warning them. If they go along with this spending plan, more than a few senators will be forced to find new jobs. The American people are making it very clear they do not want massive spending, higher taxes, and fewer jobs. Yet that is what Biden is promising with his “build back better” spending bill.

If Democrats were smart, they’d abandon ship now. But we know they’re not. One of two of them might fight back, but the others might go down with the ship.

Author: Peter Maxwell