Psaki Makes Stunning Announcement About Biden’s Future

No one in their right mind believes Joe Biden is capable of running for reelection in 2024, even if his policies were working for the country and popular with its people.

Since they aren’t and their not, it makes no sense for Biden on a political level to tank his party to such an extent. Especially given Trump’s rising popularity, Joe Biden really has no chance — and he knows it.

Meanwhile, while it makes no sense for Biden 2024, it equally makes no sense for the White House to admit it. Say what you will about Jen Psaki and the entire White House communications team, but they aren’t stupid. They know full well admitting that Biden plans to forgo reelection would tank his ability to “govern” and “lead” for the remainder of his first term.

He’s hardly governing nor leading, but we digress…

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Monday that Biden definitely intends to run for reelection from ’24 despite tanking poll numbers and constant political setbacks.

“That’s his intention,” Psaki said of the president’s plans.

However, a longtime confidant to Biden had previously raised skepticism on whether the president would run in 2024.

Former Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., who helped Biden pick his running mate last year, said in a New York Times interview that it’s still unclear whether Biden will seek reelection.

“I’m hoping the president runs for reelection,” Dodd said, suggesting Vice President Kamala Harris might be shortlisted as a key player on the 2024 DNC ticket.

“But, for whatever reason that might not be the case, it’s hard to believe there would be a short list without Kamala’s name on it. She’s the vice president of the United States.”

Times reporter Maggie Haberman expressed shock at Dodd’s statement.

Still, if reelected, Biden would be 82 during the start of his second term. And, although Biden could change his plans, sources close to the president have been insistent Biden would run for a second term, for now.

In March, during Biden’s first press conference, the president said he would run in 2024.

Meanwhile, conservatives around the country are praying the old dotard runs again.

Trump would have no problem defeating him in a re-match.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney