Biden’s Energy Secretary Caught Exploiting Her Position To Stuff Her Own Pockets

It’s no secret Biden picked the absolute worst people to staff his administration. Instead of picking competent leaders to fill these roles, he selected activists who have worked against the very agencies they now are responsible for. That includes his energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm.

How bad of a leader is Granholm? As gas prices started to rise this year, she lectured Americans for not buying electric cars. Because, you know, electricity doesn’t come from oil, but magic fairy dust! When an interviewer asked her how Biden was going to reduce the cost of gas, she literally laughed in his face.

Clearly, this woman has no intention of doing her job. She has sat back and done nothing as fuel prices rose out of control. But now, we are learning she may have been using her post to get filthy rich.

President Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is the subject of an ethics complaint for promoting, in her role as a member of the executive branch, an electric bus company she sat on the board of and held over a million dollars of stock in…

Granholm has been criticized for promoting Proterra in her official capacity as energy secretary and for hyping grant access to companies with connections to Proterra. These critics argue that Granholm’s promotion of the company, which as of Monday had a market cap of $2.6 billion, has increased Proterra’s visibility and thereby potentially increased the value of Granholm’s stock in the company before she was required by ethics rules to sell her shares on May 24. [Source: Breitbart]

What!? A Democrat government official exploiting her position to get rich!? Do such things actually happen?

All the time, folks. In fact, it happens most of the time. Granholm was pushing this company just as Democrats were crafting legislation that would give her new powers to help private companies shift transportation infrastructure over to EVs. Meaning, she influenced the government to help her buddies in the private sector.

That is what we call a conflict of interest and possible corruption. As energy secretary for the administration, she is supposed to show no bias towards American companies. After all, she is supposed to be working for all of us. But clearly, as a former board member and stock owner, she had good reason to personally push to help this company.

Her decisions would help Proterra make truckloads of money–not to mention help her bottom line in a big way. Only after ethics concerns came to light in May was she forced to sell her stock. By then she would have made millions.

Even today, she is likely to want to help her former company. When she leaves this government post, where do you think she’ll end up? Proterra will be more than happy to give her a new job, meaning she will continue to favor this company as energy secretary.

The only reasonable response from Congress is to remove this woman. But will it have the backbone to do it?

Author: Sam Thompson