Biden Proves He Doesn’t Believe In His Own Mandates

Throughout the entire pandemic upper echelon Democrats repeatedly showed their true colors.

They defied public health protocols on multiple occasions while demanding the population do the opposite. They restricted our freedoms to associate with others, kept us locked in our homes, and insisted we stay muzzled the entire time.

But did they make the same sacrifices expected of us?

Absolutely not. And they continue not to do so.

As we approach year two of the China Virus Scamdemic, Democrats are still breaking the rules established ostensibly to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The so-called president, who’s role as ‘tyrant’ solidified after he announced forced vaccination for private American workers, bucked local mask mandates during his ritzy Nantucket vacation. Masks are required by the store for regular shoppers, but the medical tyrant in chief is apparently exempt.

Video shows Biden shopping at Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket island with a mask draped below his chin amidst the store’s masked patrons. The president was visibly seen not wearing a mask in the same frame of a posted store sign requiring them.

Recently, the island issued a mandate calling for all businesses to require masks to be worn indoors despite rapidly declining case rates and mortality. Still, Biden defied the mask rule required of everyday shoppers.

This isn’t the first time Biden has gone maskless despite the mandate.

Earlier this year Biden was seen dining out with “Dr.” Jill at a swanky D.C. restaurant. The two can be seen sauntering through the eatery after their meal without a mask even though local laws require them indoors.

It’s become a liberal religious ceremony to don your mask while walking from the entrance of a restaurant to your seat. The rule in no way ports to science or data and has done nothing to stop the spread of COVID 19, yet liberal mayors insist on implementing this ridiculous rule.

When asked about Biden’s infraction, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki laughed it off, proving once again just how liberals feel about the very rules they impose on Americans.

Psaki’s reaction says everything you need to know about the liberal elite.

Snide, sneering, and above the law, Democrats truly believe they’re impervious simply because of their control over the country’s propaganda via mainstream media and Hollywood movies.

Author: Asa McCue