Biden’s Gun Agenda Fails Epically During Black Friday ‘Firearm Flash Sale’

How did Americans spend this Black Friday shopping season? Plenty of experts claimed Americans would pull back their spending habits, thanks to inflation, supply shortages, and the fact that millions of them are out of work. They feared people wouldn’t be able to buy as many gifts for their families and loved ones as they’d hoped. Some economists worried that Biden’s total failure on the economy would result in a net loss for America’s retail sector.

They could be right, but there was one market that seemed incredibly hot, regardless of the economy.

The last two years haven’t been great for Americans’ trust in the government. Both the federal government and local government have tried to shut us down, force us to wear masks, and mandate vaccines some do not want. Meanwhile, cities have slashed police budgets and ignored widespread rioting (not to mention the gangs of lootings hitting stores all over the place).

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that a shocking number of Americans purchased guns this black Friday.

The FBI conducted 187,585 National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) checks on gun sales and transfers on Black Friday 2021 alone.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reports the Black Friday 2021 NICS checks surpassed those of 2020, which came in at 186,645.

Moreover, NSSF noted that the FBI performed a total of 687,788 NICS checks during the entire week, including those on Black Friday. [Source: Breitbart]

So much for the left’s war on gun ownership. This week alone saw over 680,000 background checks for gun sales in the United States. Every time someone purchases a gun from a reputable dealer, they have to be subjected to a (relatively) simple background check. The process is fast and usually procedural (unless a person is denied due to past behavior). The number of checks run indicates how many people tried to purchase a gun.

The fact that this all happened on the week of Thanksgiving indicates that hundreds of thousands of Americans were buying guns for the holidays. This shouldn’t be that unusual to most gun owners. Hunting season is upon us and many of these purchases will go toward long trips out into the woods. But plenty of these purchases will also be for home defense, as Americans continue to seek to take their Second Amendment rights seriously.

The left has worked very hard to make gun owners look like “nuts.” They have pushed propaganda to suggest that anyone who buys a gun is a danger to society. But that messaging is not working. Increasing numbers of Americans are buying guns, perhaps out of a fear that Democrats will try to take them away. The very attempts at eroding gun rights are pushing more Americans to buy guns.

I wonder if Democrats see the irony?

Author: Peter Jones