Suburban Moms Lead The Charge In Race To Save America From Democrats

Much has been said about Republicans’ chances in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections. Polls indicate that voters are ready to oust Democrats from Congress, as well as state and local elections. Biden’s approval continues to decline, as does his VP Harris. But are the polls correct? What are voters really thinking, and how will this major election transform our country?

It’s no secret that some voters will stick with their party, no matter what. But many Americans aren’t blindly wedded to one group. They vote on the issues that are affecting them the most. If they, their families, or their communities are suffering, they are willing to hold accountable those in office. And they’ll vote them out faster than you can stuff a ballot box.

And it seems up-and-coming GOP candidates are finding major allies, out in the suburbs.

Female Republican congressional candidates challenging incumbent Democrats say that inflation, spending, education and crime are winning issues for the GOP in the 2022 midterms…

Amanda Adkins, who is running against Democratic incumbent Sharice Davids in Kansas’ Third Congressional District, was asked which issues she thinks are most likely to bring suburban female voters to the GOP in the 2022 midterm elections.

“It really is about the economy, and it really is about the pocketbook when it comes to voters in our district,” she said…

“I can tell you in Northern Virginia, which we all know is a blue area, we saw a ground movement of suburban moms coming back to our party because of two key issues: the Critical Race Theory that is shoved down parents’ and kids’ throats, they are rejecting that,” [Jeanine] Lawson said.

“And also just the nonsense of soft on crime,” she continued. [Source: Just the News]

Republicans are on the warpath from coast to coast, eagerly fighting to flip numerous blue seats red. And there appears to be a groundswell of fresh, new voices joining the GOP. Many of these new candidates are women, who are finding growing support among suburban voters, especially among moms.

The suburbs are a key voting bloc for any party. In some states, they are a deciding factor in who wins an election. And we are seeing suburban women break for Republicans, as Democrats crash and burn.

They key issues motivating women (who reportedly voted against Trump in 2020) to rally behind Republicans are the economy, schools, and rising crime. These are the top three issues Democrats are failing at all over the place.

Thanks to Biden and Congress, inflation is out of control. Democrats are ignoring American parents concerns over school curriculum. And we all know how the left is responsible for the surge in crime. Even though Americans continue to demand change over these issues, Democrats ignore them—pushing their same, failed agenda.

It should not be a surprise that suburban women are ditching the left to support the GOP. But it will be a surprise to Democrats, come 2022. That’s because they just aren’t paying attention.

Author: Mark Sanderson