Trump Has Perfect Solution To Stop Liberal City Looters

It doesn’t take a Harvard-educated political scientist to deduce why every liberal city in America is currently facing unprecedent robberies, looting, and widescale shoplifting.

Actually it’s because of the Harvard-educated political scientists that we’re even in this mess to begin with.

Regardless, the rising crime rates in some of the most deep blue parts of the country have many questioning whether or not progressive bail reform is really the path forward. Defund the police Democrats and far-left lawmakers have waged war on local law enforcement, resulting in crime the like of which America has never seen.

But now enough is enough.

Former President Donald Trump called for states to deploy the National Guard to help deal with rampant retail looting, or “smash-and-grab” incidents in a statement posted to his Save America website.

Trump said that if the Democratic politicians in charge of cities where the mass lootings are taking place don’t take action, the National Guard “must be called out.”

American cities are suffering under progressive rule and something must be done about it.

Chain department stores, restaurants, and even mom-and-pop shops are leaving once-great cities like San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles for greener pastures in states where basic law is enforced.

In the name of wokeness, far-left elected officials have made it nearly impossible to exist in any meaningful way in cities where art and culture once thrived, real bastions of American ingenuity.

Now tragedy has has struck and these cities are being ran by admitted Communists, in the case of San Fran’s District Attorney.

Mass looting of retail stores has spread across the nation’s major cities in recent weeks. The phenomenon has been dubbed “smash-and-grab” robberies by the media after some claimed that using the word “looting” has racial connotations .

A group of young people wearing ski masks reportedly robbed a Home Depot in Los Angeles County on Black Friday, stealing sledgehammers and crowbars.

A Minnesota Best Buy was also targeted by a flash-mob-style robbery on Friday, according to a report .

A mob of 80 robbed a Nordstrom in the greater San Francisco area last week. The spectacle was caught on video.

It’s almost like progressive Democrats want criminals running amuck in their communities?

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Asa McCue