Biden’s Christmas Won’t Be Very Merry — Bad News Sparks Chaos In The White House

Joe Biden’s first year in office is soon coming to an end. How do you think he’s done? Many in America feel like we are worse off now than we were a year ago. And that’s with the pandemic hitting in 2020! Biden’s disastrous leadership has hurt Americans in ways nobody expected.

All that Biden had to do was not screw up what Trump started. Leave the economy, border, and international agreements alone. But the old fool couldn’t even do that. He deliberately undid many of Trump’s decisions, which quickly resulted in disaster. Today, America is reeling from a fuel crisis, worker shortage, supply chain disruption, rapid inflation, and weakening national security.

Does Biden think this is a winning strategy? We can’t claim to know what Biden is thinking. But we do know what America is thinking. And here is a year-end poll that reveals it.

President Joe Biden only has a 36 percent approval rating, according to a new Trafalgar Group poll released Wednesday.

The poll showed that 52 percent of Americans strongly disapproved of Biden while 6.9 percent merely disapproved of his job performance.

Only 4.6 percent of respondents had no opinion of Biden…

The poll shows Biden at a lower approval rating than Rasmussen Reports, who released a poll showing 43 percent approving of his job performance.

A Quinnipiac poll of registered voters released in November also showed Biden with only a 38 percent approval rating. [Source: Breitbart]

Ouch, this one has to sting. The latest approval poll, conducted over Thanksgiving weekend, reveals that only 36% of voters approve of old Joe. A staggering 59% of those polled disapprove of Joe, including 52% who strongly disapprove. Only a small number, 4.6% have no opinion of this Democrat president.

These might be the worst numbers yet, but they are consistent with everything we’ve seen this year. Biden’s approval began to decline early in the year, as the border crisis erupted. But it dropped dramatically after he handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban. Soon after, he announced his infamous vaccine mandates.

And his approval never recovered.

Even today, Biden’s administration pushes against court rulings and other decisions that show just how wrong his agenda is. Biden can’t see that his ideas don’t work and are hurting us more than helping. Americans are screaming at him to change, but he stubbornly continues down a path that of failure.

These numbers are seen across the spectrum of pollsters. Even liberal-leaning outlets are showing these numbers, proving they are not a fluke. Americans have rejected Biden and his agenda. These numbers are strong enough to even consider a dramatic change in leadership.

If Republicans retake Congress next year, they have enough evidence to start impeachment proceedings. And most of America will be behind them.

Author: Sam Paxton