Lockdowns Imminent As New Variant Confirmed In U.S.


Well wouldn’t ya know — and just as candidates launch their campaigns for the ’22 midterm elections!

It’s now become evident that COVID-19 and the endless hysteria surrounding it will be a fixture of American life for years to come, perhaps even forever.

New variants will be invented by “public health officials” with varying degrees of severity that may or may not cause the federal government to lockdown the country again. The desire for total control over the private lives of American citizens using COVID-19 as a flimsy justification will go down in modern history as the most egregious human rights violations, without question.

The latest fear mongering over the so-called Omnicron variant has aroused a new wave of concern just as America thaws out over the last two years of utter despair and devastation.

On Wednesday, Dr. Fauci announced in the White House briefing room that the first confirmed case of the “Omicron variant” of COVID-19 had been identified in California in an individual who recently returned from South Africa.

The individual had traveled to South Africa, returning on Nov. 22 and testing positive for the variant on Nov. 29. The individual was fully vaccinated; was experiencing mild symptoms; and no one in close contact had tested positive, Fauci said.

Fauci also said that genomic sequencing tests had been performed at the University of California San Francisco, and confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He advised that people should be vaccinated, have children vaccinated, and sign up for booster shots if they had received an mRNA vaccine more than six months ago.

The case in California was the only case that had been suspected by the CDC to be an Omicron variant case, Fauci said.

The Biden administration shut down travel from South Africa and several other African nations after South African scientists had identified the new variant. South Africa’s government has complained about the draconian measure, noting that it was not the country in which the variant had originated, but rather the country whose scientists had first identified the variant.

When asked about the discrepancy Fauci, a trained politician himself, gave an answer only a liberal could muster up.

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Evil little troll.

Author: Asa McCue