Psaki Can’t Take It Anymore, Has Total Meltdown As Mandates Crumble

The Biden White House is losing control over the vaccine mandate narrative — and it shows.

Jen Psaki completely malfunctioned on Wednesday as she was hit by barrage of questions from Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy.

Doocy serves as the only counterattack to the Press Corps’ liberal hegemony, often sparring with the White House Press Secretary.

Psaki completely lost her mind after news broke that congressional Republicans were threatening a government shutdown over Biden’s vaccine mandates. She threw her entire weight behind the ridiculous Republican attacks, saying they advocate for those who would “infect their coworkers, our children, filling hospitals” with COVID-19 patients.

Someone was testy!

In the Senate, Republican Mike Lee of Utah is leading an effort to delay a bill to extend government funding, which expires at midnight on Friday. A delay could cause a brief and partial government shutdown.

Democrats are siding with the Biden vaccine mandates despite successful court challenges and mounting opposition from Republicans and several workers nationwide. Biden’s mandate has been put on hold in some states due to court challenges, and the administration has suspended enforcement for private businesses, encouraging them to institute mandates on their own.

Psaki also slammed former President Donald Trump and his supporters amid reports he may have tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of the first presidential debate in 2020, a rumor Trump himself has called “Fake News.’

Doocy asked Psaki about Biden’s statement last year that any president responsible for more than 220,000 virus deaths should not remain as leader of the United States. The reporter pointed out that more people have died from COVID-19 under Biden than Trump, asking if the statement still stands.

The press secretary then proceeded with a Hail Mary, repeating the hacky lie about then-President Trump that he advised Americans to inject bleach as treatment for COVID-19.

At some point the White House comms team must ask themselves:

If all we have is a few old-hat Trump lies to detract from concerns and criticisms regarding this failing administration, then are we really able to do our jobs?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth