Dementia Joe Gives Republicans a Hilarious Early Christmas ‘Gift’

Say what you will about his policies — and yes, they are destroying the country.

But Joe Biden’s failing mental cognition and early onset symptoms of dementia cause him to make some of the most hilarious gaffes and awkward missteps, another of which occurred on Thursday.

What the Democrats have done to Joe Biden is akin to elder abuse as it’s clear the man is not capable of standing upright let alone running the country. However, liberals never think twice about mocking Trump so perhaps it’s time conservatives play by their rules.

Washed up rapper LL Cool J, who hasn’t been relevant since the late 90s, introduced the president and his wife “Dr.” Jill during the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, which was held at the Ellipse south of the White House.

But the cheering crowd had to wait over two minutes for the couple to arrive on stage.

Did Biden need an extra ‘booster’ shot before facing his cheering admirers?

Music played for part of the time — the rest was filled with silence until the rapper spoke up again and said, “We’re going to do it again.” He then told the crowd to sit down again. Someone else could be heard asking for applause before LL Cool J again introduced the Biden’s.

Biden then addressed the crowd and started the countdown for the tree lighting.

His remarks were later released by the White House and can be watched below:

As the days of his presidency progress, it’s become even more dire to address Biden’s failing mental cognition. Each and every time Biden appears in public his words are laden with gaffes and misnomers only seen in someone with obvious dementia or some other form of cognitive disability.

This should be cause for most Americans to worry especially given his erratic policies as of late, including the intrusion into private business by forcing them to mandate vaccines for employees.

Luckily this country has a checks and balance system which ostensibly prevents Biden from implementing some of his more egregious policies, and his vaccine mandate has been struck down in court.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney