Liberals Celebrate, Endorse Genocide Against Police Officers

A harrowing tragedy is upon us; one that’s being openly celebrated by liberals and the far-left alike; one that’s resulted in an unprecedented amount of death and destruction across the nation.

The number of police shot and killed in the line of duty has reached a new high, according to recent statistics.

As of November 30th, there have been 314 officers shot in the line of duty this year. Of those officers shot, 58 of them were killed by gunfire.

There have been 95 ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers this year, the report continued, adding that that number is more than double the number of ambush-style attacks in 2020. Those attacks resulted in 119 officers shot, with 28 fatalities.

The number of both officers shot and officers killed have already surpassed the numbers from 2020 and 2019, with a month still left in 2021. In the full year of 2020, 312 officers were shot in the line of duty, with 47 killed. In 2019, 293 officers were shot, with 50 dead.

The report went on to memorialize the 58 fallen law enforcement officers, listing their names and the date of their deaths.

The list includes names like Chicago Police Officer Ella French, who was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in August, Drug Enforcement Administration Group Supervisor Michael G. Garbo, who was shot during a routine inspection of an Amtrak train in Tuscon, Arizona, in October, and Harris County, Texas Deputy Constable Kareem Atkins, who was shot and killed responding to a disturbance call at a bar in Houston in October.

News of the record high shootings of police officers comes as two of America’s major cities have reached record numbers of homicides in the year 2021 to date.

In Chicago, 777 people have been shot in the year to date. Cook County, where Chicago is located, had more than 1,000 homicides in the year to date. The number is the highest recorded total number of deaths since 1994, when the county recorded 1,141 homicides, with still a month left in the year.

In Philadelphia, 499 people had been killed as of November 23. That number was on track to surpass the record of 500 murders set during the crack cocaine epidemic of 1990, and possibly reach the highest number since 1960, which is as far back as police records go. A Temple University student was shot and killed over the weekend, surpassing the 500 murder mark.

With this jaw-dropping report comes a gut wrenching feeling of doom as the far-left continues its war against law enforcement despite the skyrocketing crime rates.

And to make matters worse, the Biden administration has done absolutely nothing to quell the unrest, instead blaming “systematic racism” and the China Virus pandemic as main drivers behind the anti-cop sentiment.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney