Retiring Democrat Reveals Pelosi’s Darkest Secrets Before Fleeing Washington

It’s no secret that Democrats are facing an uphill battle going into the 2022 midterms. They only have a slim majority in both the House and Senate. A few key wins by Republicans would help them secure majorities, freezing Biden’s agenda in its tracks. And most polls reveal that Americans would vote for anyone… as long as they aren’t a Democrat.

Things are getting so bad for them in the House, that numerous Democrats announced retirements long before the election begins. It seems Democrats, especially in swing states, don’t like their chances and are quitting before their numbers get even worse. And one retiring Democrat is blasting Pelosi on his way out.

Retiring embattled Democrat Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) “hostile work environment” that is “getting worse,” as other Democrats complain about getting work done after the midterms, if the[y] are in the minority.

After the nineteenth Democrat — Rep. Peter DeFazio — announced his retirement on Wednesday, Kind acknowledged that the atmosphere on Capitol Hill is not the best…

“We’ve got members threatening to kill other members and treating each other with such disrespect. …Things seem to be getting worse.” [Source: Breitbart]

We knew that many Democrats were leaving the House, because of fears they’d lose an election next year. Rather than face an embarrassing defeat, they are retiring now. But it seems that other factors are fueling their departure, including the growing climate of hostility under Pelosi’s leadership.

Pelosi’s failures as House Speaker have been well-documented. She has threatened congress members over not complying with her strict, ridiculous rules (rules she doesn’t follow, herself). She has even cut congressmen’s pay for not following her mask mandates. At one point, she wanted to jail visitors to Congress who refused to obey her.

If that is any indication of how she is conducting House business, God help anyone working with her. From all appearances, she appears like a vindictive, hateful woman, who cares more about acquiring more power than helping Americans.

Pelosi has ignored the pleas and concerns of not just Republicans, but members of her own party. When moderates asked Pelosi to separate Biden’s spending bills, she sided with the far-left until they ran out of time. Apparently, this all has amounted to a hostile work environment, where colleagues are threatening each other and refusing to cooperate.

Is that how the House should be run? Of course not. Lawmakers will often disagree, but we expect them to put aside differences to do what is right for America. That requires strong leadership that can work with both parties.

But Pelosi is certainly not that kind of leader.

Author: Peter Mack