Senate RINOs Fold, Allow Dems To Further America’s Decline

At this stage in the game of electoral politics there hardly exists a noticeable difference between Senate Democrats and the RINOs that inevitably follow their lead.

Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer are essentially fighting on the same side of the battle against the future prosperity of America.

The Senate Minority Leader has proven himself ineffective in securing conservative ideals, limiting spending, and quelling the Democrats’ more radical initiatives — all of which he’s failed at miserably.

On Thursday, McConnell and his RINOs teamed up with Democrats to pass a stop-gap funding bill which provided funding for the federal government until mid February.

The Senate passed H.R. 6119 with 69 votes in favor and 28 against, crossing the Senate’s 60-vote threshold. H.R. 6119 is a continuing resolution (CR), a spending bill that would keep government funding levels the same, although it grants $7 billion in funding for the resettlement of Afghan refugees.

The vote on the CR follows as the Senate shot down an amendment proposed by Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Roger Marshall (R-KS) that would have defunded Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

The amendment failed after Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) voted against it, although Manchin had teased this afternoon that he may vote for the amendment.

“I’ve been very supportive of a mandate for federal government, for military… I’ve been less enthused about it in the private sector,” the West Virginia Democrat said.

The House earlier passed the legislation on mostly party lines; Democrats overwhelmingly voted for the bill, and only one Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), voted for the bill.

The CR goes to Biden’s desk to sign, averting a government shutdown one day ahead of the December 3 deadline. Now, Congress will have to pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling and pass the National Defense Authorization Act.

As Senate Republicans keep handing Democrats consecutive victories, it’s become ever-apparent the stakes currently riding on the encroaching ’22 midterm elections. While GOP majorities are likely in both houses of Congress, the focus should be on the particular brand of Republican these candidates happen to fall under.

Will a new crop of America First Republicans finally play to win and stop granting Democrats with victories?

Only time will tell.

Author: Asa McCue