Another Former Trump Official Falls Victim To Jan. 6 Witch Hunt

The Jan. 6 Democrats (yes, Liz Cheney is a Democrat) will stop at nothing until Trump and his former officials are thrown behind bars for good.

This unfortunate reality is bolstered by the unmitigated willingness of the committee to launch numerous legal attacks against Trump officials who refuse to cooperate with the witch hunt.

Lest we forget, the Jan. 6 debacle was nothing except a Deep State operation to divert attention away from the election fraud perpetuated by high-ranking Democrats during the 2020 presidential election. The FBI and CIA infiltrated the protests and encouraged participants to bypass certain security measures as seen in numerous video clips. Working in tandem with Big Tech, this was done all in an effort to erase Trump and his influence from American electoral politics.

And boy has their plan failed miserable.

Reps. Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney, head witch hunters on the January 6 Select Committee, announced they plan to hold President Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in contempt of Congress if he refused to appear for a deposition on Wednesday.

Cheney and Thompson issued a letter giving Meadows an ultimatum if he does decide to bail on the deposition.

Earlier on Tuesday, Meadow’s attorney George J. Terwilliger II released a letter notifying the committee that his client would no longer be participating in their investigation, even after releasing thousands of documents to their possession.

Meadows’ decision was motivated by the fact that the Jan. 6 committee issued a subpoena for his private phone records — a deal breaker for Trump’s former chief of staff.

“We found that in spite of our cooperation and sharing documents with them, unbeknownst to us, without even a courtesy call, issued a subpoena to third-party carrier trying to get information,” Meadows revealed.

It appears that Meadows’ fate is inevitably similar to that of former Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who was held in contempt of Congress and received a subsequent DOJ indictment for his unwillingness to participate in the Jan. 6 witch hunt.

The Jan. 6 Select Committee serves as a wake up call not only to former Trump officials, but to supporters who have lost their online privileges, bank accounts, and received other restrictions and bans due to growing Big Tech influence.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth