Liberals Are Now Trying To Tax Rain Water – Yes, You Read That Right

How can anyone say that Democrats put Americans’ first? Sure, they claim they are the only party who truly cares about working-class Americans, minorities, and people struggling to survive. But what do Democrats really do to help folks? Do they make cuts so that businesses can hire more workers? No.

Do they make it so that employees get to earn more and keep more of what they earn? Absolutely not. Do they negotiate to bring jobs back from overseas or make it easier for companies to build in the U.S.? Again, no way Jose.

In fact, the only way Democrats “help” Americans is by pushing wasteful welfare programs. Most of the time, the left pushes plans that make it much harder for Americans to get by. Just take this new idea coming out of the D.C. suburbs. Greedy for more money, lawmakers are actually considering taxing locals for the rain.

I am not joking.

At a Nov. 30 City Council meeting, Fairfax City Manager Robert A. Stalzer proposed taxing local residents and businesses for the amount of rainwater that falls on their roofs, driveways, parking lots and other “impervious surfaces” on their property…

The taxable impervious surfaces apply to homeowners, small businesses, HOAs, nonprofits, churches, and disabled veterans…

Instead of saving some of the annual $2 million in stormwater revenue to fund the city’s stormwater program, the city has already spent roughly $400,000 — 20% of its funds for the year — on advertising to convince residents that imposing a proportional rain tax is a good idea. [Source: Just the News]

No, this is not a Babylon Bee story, this is really happening in a city outside of Washington, D.C. Although it already receives $2 million a year for its stormwater program, the city council wants to tax locals for the amount of rain that hits their roofs and other surfaces on their property. This is big government out of control.

The new tax would suck an additional $4.48 million from families and businesses in 2022 alone. In just a few years, they will be paying $5.58 in new taxes. Tell me again how Democrats are looking out of us regular folk? What’s really hilarious is how they wasted the money they already had on an ad campaign trying to sell this new tax. Give me a break.

(Of course, city-owned buildings would be exempt from this tax.)

A similar measure was adopted by the state of Maryland. It was so offensive to voters that they gave the governorship and state legislature to Republicans, who repealed the tax two years after it was created. Would that happen in Fairfax, if this tax goes through? Virginians just ejected Democrats from their governor’s mansion. Why wouldn’t the folks in this town do the same?

In an odd way, I’m happy Democrats are getting this ridiculous. They are showing Americans that, when they have all the power, they go out of their way to hurt us. Just as Americans struggle to recover from the pandemic and other problems, they come up with a scheme like this.

They deserve to be voted out, with prejudice.

Author: Sam Graham