Putin Shrugs Off Biden’s Pathetic Threats — Unveils Plan For Invasion

We’re screwed.

Our inability to portray any semblance of strength in the face of growing geopolitical tensions with Russia and China could lead to the total downfall of America as we know it.

Fresh military threats are brewing across the world and the United States is as unprepared as ever to handle growing threats.

This unfortunate reality became glaringly obvious on Tuesday when Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a two hour video conference, in which the two discussed a possible military invasion into Ukraine.

Biden warned Putin that he would be tougher than former President Barack Obama on the issue of Ukraine, as the two leaders spoke parsed out differences.

After the meeting, Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan said the president warned Putin not to repeat his incursion into Ukrainian territory after he annexed Crimea in 2014 when Obama was president and Biden was vice president.

Sullivan said Biden would deploy “clear and decisive” actions, including economic sanctions to punish Russia if they invaded Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Putin never came close to ordering any military invasion into Ukraine during the Trump years and is only doing so due to the obvious weakening of U.S. forces with Biden at the helm.

Biden’s staff did not permit journalists to witness the beginning of the call or take pictures of the event. Conversely, Putin (who liberals decry as authoritarian) allowed journalists to document the call.

The Kremlin released a photo of the meeting via Sputnik, which showed Putin sitting in front of a video monitor screen with Biden waving at him.

Biden sought out the call as intelligence showed that Putin was escalating the build-up of military forces on the Russia/Ukraine border.

Putin continues demanding that Ukraine not be allowed to join the NATO alliance, an assertion considered a non-starter by United States.

Biden warned Putin the United States and its allies would respond with “strong economic and other measures” if he escalated a military conflict with Ukraine.

The White House also said Biden discussed ransomware and the issue of Iran pursuing a nuclear weapon.

Under Trump, the U.S. did not divulge their strategy with adversarial forces as the Biden administration has done with Putin.

Author: Asa McCue