Fauci Confirms Vaccine Skeptics’ Worst Nightmare

Never under any circumstance should the American people listen to the edicts from Dr. Fauci.

The evil little man will stop at nothing to micromanage the private lives of U.S. citizens (he believes only illegal immigrants deserve freedom) by shifting the meaning of words and phrases to enact further control for insidious purposes.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the quiet part out loud, proving every pandemic skeptic and concerned American absolutely correct when he told a CNN audience it’s is a matter of “when, not if” the definition of “fully vaccinated” will change to include a third booster shot.

He emphasized that “whether or not it officially gets changed in the definition, I think that will be considered literally on a daily basis. That’s always on the table.”

As the seas change and public opinion takes a drastic turn on Fauci and his blatant authoritarianism in the name of all-mighty Science, the cartoon villain has doubled down, meaning we need to double down on our non-compliance.

Never comply with Fauci’s edicts — and here’s why:

Biden’s chief medical advisor doesn’t even both to conceal his end goal, which happens to be total control and micromanagement of the population at large delivered through an ostensible desire to fight a virus he funded and helped create.

Fauci has no believe in free will or personal freedoms at all proven by endless shifts of the Overton Window vis a vis vaccination, testing, masking, etc since day one of the so-called pandemic.

Don’t take our word for it…

Just last month, the White House chief medical adviser said health officials may change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include the booster shot if the data suggests it should be done to save lives.

This comes as Omnicron hysteria reaches its peak.

The propagandist media outlets are simultaneously reporting Omnicron is less deadly than Delta, yet contributing to more hospitalizations and deaths. This comes at the exact time a bipartisan Senate voted to overturn Biden’s vaccine mandate and a series of court rulings all but destroyed any chance of implementation.

Are you paying attention yet?

Facui stressed that “that’s what we’ve been saying all along by follow the science, things change and you have to follow the data”

Ah, yes. All heil might Data and Science!

Author: Asa McCue