Biden Beware: Undercover Journalist Scores Major 1A Victory

It’s only a matter of time before America learns just what’s in Ashley Biden’s diary after it was stolen from Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s home after Biden ordered his DOJ to execute a raid.

But the tides are turning, and the Biden administration won’t be able to keep these secrets under wraps for much longer.

This week a federal court ordered that a special master be appointed to review materials seized by the FBI during raids against Project Veritas last month.

The special master will determine whether evidence seized by the FBI in raids against O’Keefe and two former Project Veritas employees can be used by prosecutors in a case involving the alleged theft of Ashley Biden’s diary.

Judge Analisa Torres granted Project Veritas’ request that a special master be appointed, but declined to order the Department of Justice (DOJ) to conduct an investigation to determine whether information about the raid was leaked to The New York Times.

The FBI carried out the raids as part of an investigation into whether the diary of Ashley Biden, the now-40-year-old daughter of President Joe Biden, was stolen last year.

The diary was handed over by sources to Project Veritas in September 2020, but the organization declined to publish its contents and instead turned it over to law enforcement. Project Veritas denies any involvement in the original procurement of the diary, insisting that it was given to them by a source.

Project Veritas celebrated the ruling, with attorney Harmeet Dhillon applauding it as a victory for the organization’s first amendment rights.

Retired U.S. District Court judge Barbara Jones will be the special master in the case.

Meanwhile, little is known about the diary’s contents. If it’s anything close to Hunter Biden’s bombshell laptop, however, it will surely be an early Christmas present for Donald Trump and the Republicans.

The O’Keefe raid is merely another example of the level of insidiousness propelling the Biden administration forward through political tumult. They are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to meet political aims, even if it means weaponizing the DOJ or labeling parents as domestic terrorists.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney