Christmas Arsonist Rewarded For Heinous Crime

Progressive bail reform is responsible for releasing yet another danger to society, further highlighting the liberal push to dismantle and destroy major U.S. cities by enabling and incentivizing dangerous criminals.

The man suspected of setting fire to the huge Fox News All-American Christmas tree outside the News Corporation building has been released without bond under New York City’s bail reform legislation.

Craig Tamanaha, 49, is facing several misdemeanor charges including arson, reckless endangerment, criminal trespass, and criminal mischief after he allegedly set the tree on fire shortly after midnight Wednesday.

Side note: since when is arson a misdemeanor?!

Because all of the charges are misdemeanors, Tamanaha is free on bond through legislation that started at the beginning of 2020 that prohibits courts from setting bail for people facing misdemeanor charges.

Tamanaha’s father, Richard Tamanaha, of Hawaii, told reporters that his son is well known to police, is homeless, and has a history of drug abuse and that he can’t control him.

NYPD Police Commissioner Dermot Shea confirmed in an interview that the suspect has a “series of low-level arrests and drug arrests.”

Despite Tamanaha’s lengthy rap sheet the Fox News arsonist was allowed to walk free less than 24 hours after torching the Christmas tree.

Fox News has built a new tree in Fox Square and plans to hold an on-air lighting ceremony this week. The destroyed tree was lit on Sunday, just a few days before it was set on fire.

The progressive plan to release dangerous criminals while simultaneously decreasing quality of life for law-abiding citizens is proceeding without interruption. Pretty soon the cities which were once beacons of the United States, shining examples of American industry and ingenuity, will be nothing but sanctuaries for violent criminals incentivized to commit crime by do-gooder libtards.

Empathy, equity, fairness and systemic racism: all buzzwords weaponized to mystify, distract and justify radical changes to the criminal justice system.

Don’t be fooled.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth