Beijing Biden Censors U.S. Ally During Pro-Democracy Summit

This is unbelievable.

Everyone knows the Biden-Harris administration is inextricably beholden to the Chinese Communist Party, but this has gone far enough.

Joe Biden is currently hosting a pro-Democracy summit at the White House where countries from around the world are bolstering their efforts to secure western-style democracy and human rights in their respective countries.

Shortly after a Taiwanese minister displayed a map depicting her country as separate and independent from China during the U.S. democracy summit, her feed was cut.

The United States censored Taiwan’s video feed to appease the Chinese Communist Party.

This should be concerning to each and every American.

Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang showed a map during last week’s Summit for Democracy that not only showed China and Taiwan as separate countries but also said China was “closed” and that the island was “open” politically.

When the discussion moderator returned to Tang about 20 minutes later, there was only audio, no visual, and the screen read, “Minister Audrey Tang, Taiwan.”

“Any opinions expressed by individuals on this panel are those of the individual, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the US government,” read a disclaimer that later appeared.

You can watch the alarming video here:

The State Department told reporters the situation was “an honest mistake,” saying it resulted from “confusion” over screen-sharing.

Confusion? The U.S. government is many things, but one thing it’s not is confused.

Despite the claim of an innocent mistake, unnamed sources revealed it was about the United States policy toward China and Taiwan and their fear that the situation could further inflame tensions with the Communists.

One source said the map generated a slew of emails between the National Security Council and the State Department , adding the White House “choked.”

Another source claimed the incident “was clearly policy concerns” and told the outlet, “This was completely an overreaction.”

The Biden administration has walked a fine line between full force support of Taiwan and pleasant diplomacy with Communist China. While both are diametrically opposed, it’s become blatantly clear where the U.S. loyalty lies, and it’s not with the freedom-loving Taiwanese.

Author: Asa McCue