Soviet America: 1/6 Witch Hunters Seek Imprisonment Of Political Enemies

The seven Democratic and two Republican members of the Committee approved a report recommending the criminal charge against Meadows by a 9-0 vote. The full, Democratic-led House could vote as soon as Tuesday to approve the resolution.

This process is eerily reminiscent of the show trials which took place in Stalinist Russia.

Defendants were either coerced into confessing to crimes they didn’t commit, or they were simply thrown in the gulag regardless of innocence.

While we don’t have a recognized gulag system here in the United States, it’s become abundantly clear that anyone even tangentially involved with the Jan. 6 debacle will lose their right to due process and be subsequently tossed in a D.C. jail, where both the warden and the guards openly violate your basic human rights, and not one member of the establishment (both media and government) will come to your rescue.

This is the end goal for Nancy Pelosi’s House Select Committee.

Mark Meadows has been called repeatedly to appear for depositions before the Democratic-led committee and has declined to do so despite being subpoenaed.

While he has turned over some information requested by the panel, he has held back many documents, arguing they are protected because he had worked for the president.

Meadows, who was a member of the House for more than seven years until joining the Trump administration in 2020, has sued the committee and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the matter.

In its report on Sunday recommending the contempt charge, the Select Committee said Meadows stated in an email ahead of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that the U.S. National Guard would “protect pro-Trump people.”

Committee members, including the RINOs, have now begun leaking Meadows’ texts and emails to the public in an effort to sway support in their favor after it appeared the American people were in shock over their proceedings.

Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said the committee wanted Meadows to testify about “dozens of texts” he was sent during the Capitol attack, including from figures at Fox News, and from Donald Trump Jr., which she read aloud directly to the news cameras.

Meanwhile, the text messages sent and received by Meadows are in no way an indication of wrongdoing on the part of Trump’s administration regardless of the wild spin put on them.

Meadows could become the third Trump associate to face a criminal contempt of Congress charge.

The Justice Department, at the House’s request, has already brought similar charges against Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon. The House is also considering similar action against former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark.

Let’s just hope the Democrats are prepared to face the same undue persecution once Republicans regain majorities in both Congress and the White House.

Author: Asa McCue