COVID Killer Cuomo Forced To Cough Up Book Royalties

The very moment when it appears all hope is lost and the political superstructure seems too corrupt for repair, something righteous occurs that restores faith.

Everyone’s laughing at disgraced ex-Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who is now forced to refund a million-dollar payday he received for writing a book about his response to the China Virus.

Lest we forget, Cuomo’s response to the China Virus was uniquely brutal, even though the mainstream press lauded him as a hero at the exact moment Biden was rumored to consider him for Attorney General.

Using his executive powers, then-Governor Cuomo ordered nursing homes across the state to accept COVID-positive patients as hospitals began filling up. The results of his order were obvious and deadly, with thousands of elderly Americans loosing their lives prematurely.

A spokesman for disgraced ex-governor fired back at the New York ethics commission after Cuomo was ordered to return the millions he supposedly earned to write the book.

“This is political hypocrisy and duplicity at its worst. Gov. Cuomo received a JCOPE opinion and advice of counsel stating that government resources could not be used – and they weren’t – and any staffer who assisted in this project did so on their own time, which was reflected on their timesheets.”

Cuomo was directed to turn over proceeds earned from “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” within 30 days under a resolution approved 12-1 by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

Azzopardi’s statement blasted New York legislature leaders and successor Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul for creating “a new standard whereby government staffers cannot volunteer their own time for non-governmental purposes, they should all be equally prosecuted under the same standard and be forced to repay the state for volunteer work on their reelection campaigns.”

Sounds bitter!

The order came a month after the commission voted to rescind the ethics approval it had given Cuomo before he entered into the $5.1 million book deal.

“American Crisis” was published in October 2020, months before Cuomo resigned amid findings he sexually harassed 11 women.

The Cuomo family has experienced a genuine fall from grace in the previous months, both being outed as on-the-job sexual perverts with penchants for COVID hypocrisy.

Karma is a bitch, it’s true, but sometimes she’s warranted and, in this case, welcomed.

Author: Asa McCue