Big Tech Behemoth Upholds Biden’s Illegal Mandate

Each and every concern expressed by vaccine skeptics and freedom-loving Americans has come true as Joe Biden and the Democrats influence private business to enforce a level of unprecedented medical tyranny and authoritarianism.

Since its inception, Silicon Valley and the creepy Big Tech companies that operate there has been ground zero for the kind of insidious control over the population Democrats emulate. Biden’s vaccine mandate is no different.

Despite recent court rulings, Google told its employees that they would lose pay and eventually their jobs if they did not abide by the company’s COVID-19 vaccination policy, according to an internal memo.

Employees had until Dec. 3 to state their vaccination status to the company and upload the required documentation or to apply for a medical or religious exemption, according to the memo.

Those employees who did not comply with the company’s policy by the Jan. 18 deadline would reportedly be placed on “paid administrative leave” for 30 days, according to the memo. Workers who do not meet the company’s requirements after the 30 days of paid leave would be placed on “unpaid personal leave” for up to 6 months.

Employees who still refuse to seek out a vaccine after the six-month deadline would be fired.

“We expect that almost all roles at Google in the US will fall within the scope of the executive order,” the memo said.

“Anyone entering a Google building must be fully vaccinated or have an approved accommodation that allows them to work or come onsite,” the memo said, adding that “frequent testing is not a valid alternative to vaccination.”

Of course frequent testing is not valid because Google is responsible for the costs of the tests, per Biden’s executive order.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai announced in July that the tech giant would require vaccines for all those returning to the office.. Google reportedly planned on opening its offices in January, but in early December, executives told employees they could temporarily stay remote.

Google is just one among many large companies recently deciding to enforce strict COVID-19 rules.

On Tuesday, JPMorgan Chase & Co. that all unvaccinated employees of its Manhattan offices have to work remotely, citing growing COVID-19 cases and fairness to vaccinated employees.

Additionally, supermarket giant Kroger said that it will eliminate paid emergency leave for unvaccinated workers who have COVID-19 in addition to requiring some to pay a monthly $50 health insurance surcharge starting in 2022.

All is well in Biden’s America!

Author: Sebastian Hayworth