Top Biden Staffer Exposed For Ties To Communist China

When Bill Barr was Attorney General, he warned America’s businesses, universities, and labs about the influence of Chinese money. He told them that the corrupt communist regime was dumping money into American institutions, so they could buy influence over us. It was a clear and present danger, as the CCP looked for ways to infiltrate American society.

But it doesn’t seem like that warning was taken seriously, at least not by Democrats. The left turns a blind eye to China’s growing control over major American industries. By dumping money into these company’s pockets, they have means of controlling them. And, as we just found out, a top staffer in Biden’s administration—tasked with holding China accountable—is deeply compromised.

The husband of one of Democrat President Joe Biden’s cabinet secretaries is a top executive in an artificial intelligence company that is backed by China’s communist government…

“A venture capital firm backed by the Chinese government is a major investor in an artificial intelligence company that counts Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s husband as a top executive, a potential conflict of interest as her agency works to counter China on the world stage.”

Reuters reported a few years ago that Danhua Capital was part of China’s “penetration of Silicon Valley,” noting that the communist government plays a very influential role “in the smaller venture firms they back by providing a greater percentage of their funding.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Confused over why the Biden administration is so weak against China’s toxic influence and actions? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that his top staffers are in bed with Chinese loyalists? Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is married to a man whose firm is backed by the China’s government.

His company exists because the Chinese Communist Party is funding them. Which means, he is very unlikely to criticize or call out China over say, their human rights abuses, manipulation of global currency, unfair trade practices, or their attempts to conquer trade routes or free nations. And if he’s not willing to do that, what about his wife?

Does anyone believe Raimondo can be impartial when her husband’s business is dependent on China’s support? Even if she isn’t conscious of a conflict of interest, she is not qualified for this post. She could make decisions unconsciously that benefit China—out of a fear that her husband might lose his job (and she lose money).

This is why Americans call D.C. a swamp. Because Biden and his cronies blatantly flaunt their corruption. There is no reason a person so closely connected to China should be working in the Commerce Department. Why wasn’t she properly vetted? Why didn’t the Senate committee that approved her complain about this?

How long do we have to put up with this kid of obvious and open disregard for our laws and values? When will the American people stand up and demand accountability from our leaders?

Author: Sam Jones