Biden Delivers Doom-and-Gloom Message Just In Time For Christmas

Year two of this mess and Joe Biden still insists on using his platform to send fearful messages to a population that’s mostly vaccinated.

At a time when Americans simply want to enjoy the holidays with friends, family and loved ones, we’re forced to endure another year of Democrats preaching and threatening those of us who remain unvaccinated.

They won’t let up and they won’t back down until each and every American submits to their will.

On Thursday, Joe Biden warned of “a winter of severe illness and death” for unvaccinated Americans amid increasing Omicron cases.

The Omicron variant is the latest farce to be introduced as a measure of further control because, as we know, the China Virus has proved too advantageous for Democrats as their hold on power diminishes.

Omicron is believed to be more transmissible but may spark less severe illnesses than previous coronavirus variants. The new variant has sparked panic, and countries – including the U.S. – began reimplementing travel restrictions for parts of the world.

Biden’s chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci recently noted it’s “almost certainly” less severe than Delta. The Delta variant remains dominant in the U.S., but data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate Omicron is beginning to account for more cases.

Let’s unpack that.

If Omnicron is “almost certainly” less severe than Delta, and Omnicron is taking over as the most dominant strain of COVID-19, then how does it make sense to reinstate previous restrictions which applied to more deadly variants?

Well, as many of us know, it really has nothing to do with this-or-that strain or its severity. The rollout of different strains, changing definitions of “fully vaccinated”, etc are tools used to perpetuate the pandemic, stretching it out until at least next year so Democrats can impose election stealing tactics similar to the last presidential election.

Despite Fauci’s belief that Omicron may be less severe than the Delta variant, a masked Joe Biden issued a warning for unvaccinated Americans after a briefing with his coronavirus team. The president said the new variant isn’t “spreading as fast as it would have,” touting the “steps we have taken,” but still warned that it’s spreading and will increase.

Remember when Biden said if you get the vaccination then it’s impossible to contract COVID-19?

Are we still listening to this person?

“For the unvaccinated: We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death … for themselves, their family and the hospital they’ll soon overwhelm,” Biden declared.


Biden’s warning of “a winter of severe illness and death” follows news from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which announced that there haven’t been any known deaths or serious cases of COVID-19 in Europe due to the Omicron variant.

Biden and the administration as a whole have pushed for vaccinated Americans to get the booster and for unvaccinated Americans to get the shot, particularly in light of the Omicron variant. Biden called it “critically important” to get vaccinated and said Omicron will “spread much more rapidly at the beginning of the year.”

They will never stop until we make them stop.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney