Biden, Democrats Suffer Another ‘Build Back Better’ Blow

Like Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate, his “Build Back Better” social spending plan is slowly but surely being chipped away at until what’s left is unrecognizable to the far-left who initially supported it.

Without immigration reform and total amnesty, which was surreptitiously crowbarred into the spending bill, the Democrats have no real support from leftist constituents or progressive lawmakers who demand open borders to the fullest extent.

On Thursday, Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough rejected a plan from Democrats to include immigration reform in the Build Back Better Act.

The parliamentarian position is nonpartisan and focused on interpreting the upper chamber’s rules. It is often referred to as the “Senate referee.”

MacDonough informed the Democratic Caucus that immigration reform, under current rules, does not meet acceptability for what can be included in a budget measure that bypasses filibuster.

The parliamentarian, who was selected for the custodian role in 2012, had rejected two recent plans from Democrats that would have provided a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the Build Back Better Act.. The third plan would have granted 6.5 million foreign nationals a temporary parole status.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin said that he was disappointed in the decision and that the Democratic Caucus was “considering what options are available.”

Although the advice from MacDonough is not legally binding, senators have rarely sidestepped the parliamentarian’s decision since the creation of the position in 1935. The most recent example of overruling the Senate parliamentarian occurred over 45 years ago by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, in 1975.

Progressives such as Durbin have indicated support to formally overrule MacDonough and replace her with a more loyal parliamentarian.

Because that’s the Democrat way — if a government official doesn’t abide to your every radical whim, replace them! Screw past precedent, who cares!

Overruling the parliamentarian requires only a simple majority but would likely fall short with dissent from centrist Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

The parliamentarian ruling comes after reports that Democrats have abandoned their initial goal of passing Build Back Better by Christmas.

Spending at this level while knee-deep in inflation has caused members of Joe Biden’s own party to detract from his political agenda, vowing to vote no on the bill. Without support from his own party, Biden has no real shot of inking a deal.

Not for nothing, the American people are wholly in opposition to this bill as well. But let’s face it, that’s never stopped Democrats before…

Author: Sebastian Hayworth