Key Voting Bloc Turns On Biden — Guarantees Trump’s 2024 Blowout

While it’s not definite that Donald Trump will enter the 2024 presidential fold in a rematch against Joe Biden, the chances seem likely as he drops serious hints and even narrows down Vice President picks.

A Trump vs Biden rematch would prove to be a political bloodbath as the current cognitively deficient president has given the Former President enough ammunition to defeat him in multiple elections.

The numerous failures of the Biden administration have caused many of his voters to regret their decision and entire voting blocks have now begun making the great switch over.

Independent voters represent a massive, influential portion of the population, one that isn’t as easily swayed by partisan political hackery. They’re often split on who to support, but remain the most open minded of any voting group as they aren’t as tied down by race, gender, or other demographic metrics.

A poll released this week revealed independents favor Former President Donald Trump over Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential election, a major blow to the faltering Democrats.

Some 67% of independents said they believe Biden should not run for a second term, according to the poll, conducted by Politico-Morning Consult. Conversely, 59% said Trump should not seek reelection.

While only 23% said Biden should run again, 49% of independent respondents believe Trump should give it another shot.

31% said Vice President Kamala Harris should run in 2024 instead of Biden if the 79-year-old president does not run again, and 20% of independents said they support Harris.

11% of respondents said they would support Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to run instead of Biden, and 14% of independents said they support Buttigieg.

The poll surveyed 1,998 registered voters from Dec. 11 through Dec. 13 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that “the president has every intention of running for reelection” in 2024.

Trump has remained very politically engaged following his electoral defeat in 2020, endorsing candidates and regularly expressing takes on political events and the actions of the Biden administration through emailed press releases, which are spread on social media for him by his supporters.

His track record of endorsing candidates which go on to defeat their opponents is proof positive of the Former President’s lasting influence within the GOP and with the American people.

Many rumors have floated around D.C. that hint at a possible House Speaker run for Donald Trump — a move that would make history and belt liberal brains.

Author: Asa McCue