McCarthy’s ‘Midterm Plan’ Will End Biden’s Entire Administration — Here’s How…

It’s become common parlance among Washing D.C. insiders that Democrats are in for a real beating come November 2022.

The endless failures of Biden’s administration have proven too monstrous for the American people to ignore, and current polling data has pointed to a massive Red Wave the likes of which Congress hasn’t experienced since perhaps the Reagan years.

As we all witnessed during Trump’s first term, majorities in both houses of congress afford the controlling party a certain amount of leverage and influence which, if used properly, could have lasting effects.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, the opposing party weaponized this leverage to unfairly attack the sitting president at a precarious time in U.S. history.

Former President Trump faced multiple impeachments, investigations, and witch hunts, all possible because Nancy Pelosi was holding the House gavel.

Now it’s Joe Biden’s turn, and the Republicans are finally ready to play ball.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to launch at least seven investigations into Joe Biden’s administration if Republicans win back control of the House of Representatives in 2022, which is expected.

“McCarthy plans to beef up staff, counsel and other resources to be ready to extract information beginning Day 1 if the GOP gets the gavel,” a GOP insider revealed, noting that McCarthy’s office already has several investigations planned.

The investigations at the top of McCarthy’s list include:

  • IRS: Leak of a “vast cache of IRS information” about billionaires to ProPublica.
  • National Security Agency: Tucker Carlson last summer accused the spy agency of targeting his show’s communications. The NSA said he was never an “intelligence target.”
  • Parents: Attorney General Merrick Garland’s vow to mobilize the FBI against “threats of violence against school board members,” after the National School Boards Association used the phrase “domestic terrorism.” The association apologized for its letter.
  • Border: Record levels of illegal immigration.
  • COVID: Origins of the virus, and CDC communications about school closures and mask mandates.
  • Afghanistan: Decisions behind the withdrawal, and an accounting of Americans who remain stranded.
  • JEDI: A disputed cloud-computing contract.

If done properly with the necessary fervor, the impeachment of Joe Biden and many of his administration officials seems likely, especially given past precedent set by the Democrats during Trump’s first term.

Karma really is a bitch.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney