Americans Are Crippled By The Supply Crisis – And They Know Just The Man To Blame

Numerous issues have plagued Joe Biden’s first year in office. We’d like to say he just has some seriously bad luck. But we know the truth. The man’s bad policies and deliberate refusal to fix issues has resulted in endless issues, challenges, and crises. Perhaps one of the most taxing has been the supply chain crunch.

Stay-at-home rules for government employees, abusive state mandates, and Biden’s “stimulus” spending all amounted in shutdowns and delays at major ports. Ships couldn’t even offload their goods. There weren’t enough trucks to deliver products to stores across America. But what really made the issue worse was the fact Biden’s head of the Department of Transportation was MIA for months.

Now, Americans are giving Biden the unwelcome news.

Convention of States Action along with Trafalgar group released polling data showing the majority of Americans say they are unimpressed with U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s work on the issue.

According to the poll, 55.5% of surveyed voters say Buttigieg “is doing a poor job of handling the supply chain crisis.” The survey found 14.8% say he is doing a fair job, 14.5% say he is doing a good job and 15.2% say he is doing an excellent job. [Source: Just the News]

Those aren’t winning numbers. Those are the kinds of numbers that you get when you abandon the country for “paternity leave” and literally phone it in. Why did Biden pick a disgraced mayor with no real infrastructure skills to run the Department of Transportation? Is he really that stupid or did he want to wreck the DOT?

The president of the polling group said they were surprised Buttigieg’s numbers weren’t even worse, given how he disappeared during a “global crisis.” Yet this is par for the course for the Biden administration, which seems to be made up of the very worst Democrats can offer.

Because Biden is asleep at the wheel, there appears to be no leadership, no accountability at the White House. The press secretary issues blistering, partisan attacks against Democrat senators. The head of the DOT leaves while the country struggles with a massive crisis.

It seems like nobody in the administration has any idea what they are doing. Perhaps it’s because Biden was just a puppet propped up by the DNC, with no real idea on how to be president? It’s like we gave control of the prison over to the convicts, and the many crises hitting are country are the results.

But this poll reveals the American people aren’t sleeping. They know exactly who is to blame for a supply chain crisis that is increasing the costs of everything. A man who promised to “build back better” has turned the country into a laughingstock.

And voters won’t forget this, come election time.

Author: Steven Anderson