Biden Uses COVID Fears To Cover Up What’s Really Going On At The Border

This week, Biden once again lectured Americans who refuse to get the COVID vaccine. He even claimed cable news and social media was spreading “misinformation,” despite the fact his mandates are unconstitutional and illegal. Previously, the White House released a holiday message ordering unvaccinated Americans not to visit loved ones for Christmas.

I guess all this hate and fearmongering must mean Biden is very concerned with COVID, right?

Yet, we’ve pointed out before that Biden loves to use COVID as an excuse for his failed agenda. He actually doesn’t want to “end” the virus, because he blames it for all his bad decisions.

Want more proof? While Biden is bullying Americans over COVID fears, he completely ignores the millions of illegal aliens who have tried to flood the border this year. Many of whom aren’t even being tested for the disease.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) argued that the lax coronavirus policies on the border by the Biden administration show that “they don’t really care about COVID.”

Paxton said, “It is shocking to me that this president really will stop American citizens from crossing the border, coming by flight or however they come, you cannot come into this country if you have COVID and you’re an American citizen, but if you’re illegal, we’re not going to check that and we’re going to send you secretly all over the country with COVID.” [Source: Breitbart]

Texas Attorney General Paxton revealed that the Biden administration is doing nothing to stop sick migrants from crossing the border. In fact, these are the very same aliens Biden is shipping all over the country. Many of them are sick with COVID, based on the few that are actually tested.

Biden is so worried about COVID, that he’d ship infected aliens to all corners of the U.S. You’d think Biden would be bending over backward to secure the border from illegal aliens—if he was really worried about the virus. Instead, he is doing the very thing that can make the virus worse.

Why would he do that? Because, as Paxton said, he and his administration don’t really care about “ending” COVID. It’s a convenient excuse for their incompetence and failure. They can also keep milking COVID to expand their federal power, robbing Americans of their liberties.

And if more illegal aliens spread the virus all over America? Then Biden can use that as an excuse to push more mandates, boosters, or whatever the heck he chooses.

But Americans are not fooled. We know his administration is crooked and morally bankrupt. And that is why so few of us continue to buy their lines.

Unless Biden proves he cares about the spread of COVID by securing the border, why should we obey his orders?

Author: Joe Smith