Trump Stunned After Biden Finally Admits Truth About Vaccines

We have to admit, the recent coziness between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is pretty nauseating.

However, it does come as a shock that Biden was willing to admit the truth about Trump’s participating in the medical breakthrough that is the multiple vaccines against COVID-19.

The Former President said he was “surprised” and “very appreciative” that Joe Biden thanked him and his administration for their success in developing COVID-19 vaccines.

“I’m very appreciative of that — I was surprised to hear it,” Trump told Fox News of Biden’s comments. “I think it was a terrific thing, and I think it makes a lot of people happy.”

On Tuesday, Biden held a press conference in which he announced increased COVID-19 testing capacity and expanded access to vaccines, and support for hospitals across the country amid a surge in cases of the omicron variant.

Trump told Fox News that Biden’s words could be helpful in the fight against COVID-19 because “tone” and “trust” were important in getting Americans vaccinated.

“You know, it has to be a process of healing in this country, and that will help a lot.”

The Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, a public-private partnership, helped lead to the Food and Drug Administration approving emergency use authorizations for the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines in less than a year.

“When we came up with these incredible vaccines — three of them — and therapeutics, we did a tremendous job, and we should never disparage them. We should be really happy about it because we’ve all saved millions and millions of lives all over the world.”

Much to the dismay of some supporters, Trump, who was infected with coronavirus in the fall of 2020, said he had received his COVID-19 booster shot.

“You have to embrace it,” Trump told Fox News of the vaccine. “You don’t have to do it, and there can’t be mandates and all those things, but you have to embrace it.”

The omicron variant has contributed greatly to a national surge of COVID-19 infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week that omicron comprises 73% of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S.

While a certain sect of Trump’s supporters remain ardently anti-vaccine, surely they can’t expect the Former President to publicly disparage the medical breakthrough he worked so hard to execute.

It’s true: the vaccines aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean Americans shouldn’t be given the choice to take them if we wish. America is about options, not limitations, and Donald Trump is the true exemplar of that ideal.

Author: Asa McCue