Kamala Tries To Pinpoint Her Biggest Failure, Totally Misses The Mark

It’s safe to say that Kamala Harris will go down as our worst “vice president” ever. We know she was picked by Biden to ensure progressives would vote for him—thinking this woman of color could replace him eventually. But how has Harris distinguished herself in the role? Hmm, let’s see… by doing absolutely nothing!

Harris was tasked by Biden to “fix” the border crisis his administration deliberately created. She avoided seeing the actual border. Instead, she flew to South American and promised foreign counties millions in aid. When the country was reeling from the Afghanistan crisis, where was Harris? Oh, she was in Asia, hiding from the problem.

Time and again, when Harris is called upon to do something, she is nowhere to be found. But, if you asked the woman herself, she claims her biggest failure is not getting out of D.C. more.

Vice President Kamala Harris said during an interview that aired on Sunday that her “biggest failure” during her first year in the Biden administration was not getting out of Washington, D.C., more.

Harris’ remarks come as she has seen her approval ratings plummet to the worst numbers ever recorded for a vice president in a USA Today/Suffolk poll at 28%…

Harris said that she did not want to be out of touch with the American people by being trapped in a “bubble.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Lol, really Harris? That’s your biggest failure? Not fleeing D.C. more, when crises hit? How about the fact you’ve failed on every task given you by the administration? How about the time you used child actors in a video about science? Or the time you asked NASA about tracking trees in neighborhoods? Or the time you used a bad French accent—while talking to the French?

Or maybe your biggest failure is your chaotic, disorganized, abusive office? Maybe you should spend more time in D.C. getting your office under control, so reports won’t come out revealing your top brass is bullying staff, ignoring their concerns, and acting like dictators?

Man, there are many failures piling up for this “vice president.” Getting out of D.C. is far from one of them. But we shouldn’t be surprised Harris isn’t acknowledging her mountain of real failures. Who wants to talk about all that messy stuff?

From all signs, Harris is just a prop for this administration. Someone they thought would look good in the eyes of the media. But when pressed to perform, Harris is just as pathetic as Joe. Maybe even worse. After all, Biden doesn’t burst out in awkward laughter when asked a simple question.

Author: Sam Anderson