Biden In Disaster Mode After Closing Out The Year With The Worst News Of His Presidency

Did anyone really think Joe Biden would be a better president than Donald Trump? Sure, Democrats wanted Trump out—but it never seemed as if they were all that excited to elect this old, confused, scandal-plagued man. And, soon after entering office, we all suffered as a consequence.

Biden never distinguished himself as a leader. He hides from the media as much as he can. His decisions appear half-baked, quickly failing the moment they are implemented. Most of the time, his administration has scrambled to put out the fires it created, only to start more fires.

This has all resulted in a country that seems to despise its own leader. And, as 2021 comes to a close, we have his latest approval numbers.

Just 36 percent of registered voters approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance…

Among those 18 to 34 years old, Biden’s approval rating is only 28 percent, while 56 percent disapprove. Ages 35 to 64 mark Biden’s approval rating in the high 30s, while those 65 and older give Biden a 41 percent approval rating…

Both males and females have a negative view of Biden. Just 31 percent of men approve of Biden’s performance, while 62 percent disapprove. Among women, 40 percent approve and 49 percent disapprove.

Biden’s job performance is also negative in 45 states. [Source: Breitbart]

The latest Civiqs poll gives us the stark reality. Only 36% of registered voters approve of Biden’s performance. And 55% disapprove of what he is doing. That could be the worst numbers we’ve seen from a liberal president in many years.

Only 5 states approve of his performance. Not even New Yorkers like what Joe is doing—and that’s saying something.

While these numbers are awful, they are consistent with what we’ve seen all year long. Biden’s numbers continued to drop all throughout 2021. Even as low as they are now, we saw this coming. The question that remains is, can they get even lower?

Considering the way pollsters conduct their surveys, there will always be a portion of Democrats being polled. The core of the left will always approve of Biden, simply for partisan reasons (not because he’s doing well). That means, he will always have around 20-30% approval.

So, these devastating polls are actually the lowest approval he can possibly get. That’s pretty bad for a president who promised to “build back better,” a man who was so confident about uniting the country, even both parties.

The fallout from all this, of course, will be the 2022 midterms. Signs are pointing to a very bad election year for Democrats. But will they be able to recover enough over the next few months to save their bacon? That would require drastic steps, including distancing themselves from Sleepy Joe.

If Democrats in Congress actually checked Biden, held him accountable for his violations, and did something to help Americans, perhaps they can salvage their reputations. But they are far from doing any of that. Democrats are determined to deny Republicans any kind of victory, so they will go down with the ship.

It was nice knowing you, Democrats. Not really.

Author: Sam Graham