Florida Gov’s Latest Plan Wins Approval From Conservatives and Liberals Alike

Like most Republican governors, Florida’s Ron DeSantis has been criticized and attacked by the liberal media. They’ve tried to undermine his pandemic strategy, even though Florida boasts better numbers than many blue states. Even Joe Biden has tried to oppose DeSantis, due to the governor’s America first policies.

But despite this mounting opposition, the governor continues to win for the people of his state. This year, he’s opposed the “defund the police” movement by welcoming fired cops with new jobs. He even worked to get a bonus to police who moved to Florida, after being forced out elsewhere.

DeSantis also helped the supply chain crisis, by encouraging European shipments to dock at one of the state’s many ports (which were already running 24/7). Now, he has scored a deal that will protect Florida’s vacation destination stature. And it’s winning over everyone.

In order to preserve the state’s natural resources, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ “Freedom First” budget directs $4.4 billion to a variety of environmental and water conservation projects…

The funding includes more than $660 million for Everglades restoration, $195 million for targeted water quality improvements, $35 million to improve water quality and combat the negative impacts of harmful algal blooms, including blue-green algae, and $5 million in additional funding dedicated to address red tide cleanup…

Dr. Jennifer Jurado, chief resilience officer for Broward County, said the funding comes at a critical time “as local governments across our state are increasingly pressed to address the impacts of rising seas and increased flooding.” [Source: Just the News]

Florida has experienced a boom in travel, ever since last year (hmm… I wonder why?). More people are not only vacationing in the freedom-first state, but they are leaving desolate blue states to relocate to Florida. That means a top priority for its leaders is preserving the natural resources of the state.

DeSantis’ latest initiative is aimed at restoring and improving various regions and resources, both for the enjoyment of residents and visitors and to protect wildlife. Much of the money will protect the Everglades and other natural regions, while also providing protection from the yearly threat of hurricanes.

The state’s 1,300 miles of coastline will be prioritized. Not only for the millions of people who visit these beaches, but many homes and properties sit along the coast. It is absolutely vital that this region is protected and preserved.

What are other states doing to protect their natural resources? We are lectured every day by Democrats about the importance of protecting the environment. But it takes a Republican governor like DeSantis to go ahead and actually do it.

When governors of blue states are spending tax dollars are wasteful socialist programs, DeSantis is improving his state. These investments will not only protect Florida’s natural resources but bolster the economy and income of millions of residents.

As other states decline, Gov. DeSantis is going full speed ahead to make Florida the envy of the country.

Author: Sam Peterson