Triple-Vaxxed Biden Pulls Masked Publicity Stunt

The American people are forced to endure another round of mixed messaging and full-blown propaganda from mainstream media outlets and politicians alike, both of whom are hell bent on keeping us in submission over a weakening virus from China.

This is nothing new; we had to undergo a similar propaganda campaign during the Delta variant rollout and subsequent hysteria that quickly subsided the very minute Democrats milked every last drop of the controversy.

Now here we are again, under siege as a new variant of COVID-19 takes hold, causing each and every freedom-loving American to face palm harder than ever before.

Joe Biden was the latest to send mixed messages in regards to our new approach to COVID post-mass vaccination when he wore a mask on a trip to the beach with his dog, alone with his wife “Dr.” Jill.

The president kept his mask on as he and First Lady Jill Biden walked on the foreshore and tossed a ball around with his new puppy Commander.

The first lady did not wear a mask.

This publicity stunt comes after Biden’s previous massless fervor both in-person and in the press, where he said on multiple occasions that the vaccinated can toss their mask aside.

In remarks at the White House last July 29, Biden stated, “In a significant part of the country, you wouldn’t even have to put a mask on — like in my home state of Delaware, where I lived in New Castle County, where I was yesterday in Pennsylvania — because people got vaccinated. They got vaccinated. They don’t need a mask when the majority — the vast majority of people got vaccinated.”

He added: “Well, if you notice, a lot of places, people don’t have to wear masks. Let’s get that straight,” Biden declared. “The places where people have gotten vaccinated, where we have a high vaccination rate, people do not have to wear a mask at all. Like some of you were with me yesterday when I was up in Lehigh Valley. Didn’t have to wear a mask there. Don’t have to mask if you come home to Delaware with me — I know you love doing that. But you don’t have to wear a mask.”

Last week, Biden had a complete change of tune right before Christmas.

Go figure.

“[E]ven if you’re fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask when indoors in public settings,” he said. “Wearing a mask provides extra protection for you and those around you.”

Lest we forget, Joe Biden has received three shots of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

White House staff brought the press onto the beach, allowing them to take pictures of the president walking stiffly on the beach and playing with his new puppy, which he said was a gift from his brother.

At one point Biden leaned over and grabbed at the puppy’s tail before putting it on a leash and walking around on the beach.

Are you paying attention yet?

Author: Asa McCue