Ultimate Betrayal: China Uses Biden’s Own Words To Humiliate America

Joe Biden’s agenda utterly collapsed this week, after he admitted to America’s governors that he has no “federal solution” for the COVID pandemic. This came as a shock to the left, who believed this sleepy old man would “shut down” the virus. Critics from both parties were quick to slam Biden, who had previously used the federal government to push abusive vaccine mandates.

This is just one of many times Biden has failed as president. His administration has been unable to appropriately address any problem facing the country. In fact, he and his pathetic staff have only made matters worse, in some cases triggering new crises. And one of our biggest rivals has been watching all of it. Now, they are using Biden’s comments in a new propaganda ad.

China’s Global Times, which is state-run propaganda, hit Biden over the remarks, asking, “Did American politicians’ promises during the US presidential elections mean anything at all?” […]

Biden’s disastrous remarks give the communist nation an opportunity to undermine U.S. influence around the world by providing solid material for them to turn into anti-American propaganda. [Source: Daily Wire]

China is trying to use Biden’s remarks as evidence to discredit our democracy and way of life. They accused Biden of only caring about winning more votes, saying our system and leadership are “dubious.” Biden is such a failure, he is giving China reasons to slam our society and liberties.

How bad of a president do you have to be to let China lord it over you? China is a communist state with zero legitimate elections, no human rights, and a history of oppression. Yet they are laughing at us, because of Joe Biden. They are even trying to use this to erode our influence around the world, just as they seek global dominance.

Biden has never been strong on China. As VP, he wined and dined with the regime. As president, he has done nothing to check China’s dangerous advances around the world. He hasn’t even tried to hold them accountable for COVID. Now, he sits back and lets them mock him in their media.

Much is at stake in the coming new year. The United States needs to recover from several hard-hitting crises. We need to restore our energy dominance and economic strength. And we need to be better positioned to confront China, Russia, and other global threats. Is Joe Biden up to the task? If this year is any indication, then no he is not.

Yet the only people positioned to deal with this failed president, Congress, seems to do nothing. Democrats will be too concerned with elections to hold Biden accountable or force him out of office. So, Biden will continue to be a black mark on our society, until he leaves the White House.

And China will continue to use his failures to insult the entire country.

Author: Peter Smith