Biden Shelled Out Billions To Public Schools During COVID – Guess How They Used The Cash?

Perhaps one of the biggest injustices during the COVID panic was what our government did to students. Even early on, we know that this virus was not a threat to young people. Yet most states shut down public schools and colleges. This not only derailed the education of millions of students but forced them into their homes—cutting them off from friends, family, and healthy normal lives.

The damage done to our children was incalculable. Drug overdoses and suicides skyrocketed. Future athletic careers, social development, and basic relationship needs were aborted. Not because we were looking out for our kids, but because the corrupt teacher’s unions were exploiting COVID to get more money. And more money they got.

Idiot in Chief Joe Biden paid the schools their shake-down money, in the form of $130 billion. This blackmail money was supposed to provide reasonable measures, ensuring our schools could open permanently. Yet it’s been a year. And not only have many schools not reopened, but they used that money on a controversial curriculum.

Many schools are not resuming classes as the year begins, citing COVID-19, after spending some of the $130 billion schools received for reopening on Critical Race Theory-infused initiatives instead, a review of funding applications shows…

In August, the Department of Education published strategies for using the money. “Rebuilding from COVID-19 is an opportunity,” the document said, for a “culture shift” and the “establishment of equitable practices…One example of how a district is using a performance assessment in a culturally and linguistically responsive way is the Chicago Public School’s Curriculum Equity Initiative.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is why you never negotiate with terrorists, serial killers, or Democrats. They will always stab you in the back the moment you turn around. Corrupt teacher’s unions and school boards kept schools shut down for over a year, demanding money to address COVID. Yet they were already discussing how to use that money to produce a “culture shift.” In other words, develop dishonest curriculum to brainwash students.

In Chicago, they used $32 million of this money for a “comprehensive, culturally responsive curriculum” instead of reopening. Roughly $24 million of this money in Milwaukee is going to be used for “Social Emotional Learning” and “Anti-Racism and Bias Professional Development.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. In California, New York, Michigan, Virginia, nearly every state, cash that was supposed to help reopen schools and get kids back to class is being used to push leftist propaganda that rewrites our history and turns our Founding Fathers into racist villains.

All throughout the pandemic, Democrats have exploited the fears and concerns of Americans to push their agenda. Even today, they don’t care about infection rates or deaths, but how they can con you into giving them more money and power. Biden drones on and on about the dangers of not getting vaccinated. Yet he continues to let millions of unvaccinated and untested illegal aliens into the country.

It’s because none of these clowns on the left really care about the virus. Like all crises, they are using it for their own personal ends. That’s more than enough for Americans to fight back.

Author: James Smith