Jan. 6 Witch Hunters Target Conservative Media Titan

There’s no limits to their tyranny, and no bounds to their authoritarianism.

The Jan. 6 Witch Hunt Committee will stop at nothing to ensure Donald Trump’s demise — in any way possible — regardless of legality, morals or ethics.

After it was revealed that Sean Hannity was in communication with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the 1/6 Witch Hunters have had a field day, targeting the conservative media titan, and leaking his personal information.

Sean Hannity’s Jan. 6 text to Meadows was leaked by Rep. Liz Cheney and earned him an invitation to the hot seat where many of former Trump officials have been forced to sit — that is, if they didn’t refuse the invitation.

“If true, any such request would raise serious constitutional issues, including First Amendment concerns regarding freedom of the press,” said Hannity’s legal counsel.

Possibly the most enthusiastic witch hunter , Rep. Adam Schiff, referred to Hannity as “a Trump adviser” before appearing on propaganda outlets to justify targeting an innocent man.

Hannity has been both a fervent supporter of Former President Donald Trump and a vocal critic of the Jan. 6 committee. The panel has drawn skepticism from him and many Republicans; its two Republicans have expressed strong anti-Trump views and were not among those lawmakers that party leaders first proposed be included on the panel.

Republicans have also raised concerns that the panel is an act of extreme partisanship looking to pin full responsibility for the Jan. 6 breach of the Capitol on Trump, whose supporters were dismayed by the glaring evidence of widespread voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

Hannity’s participation would be “voluntary,” and a congressional subpoena does not seem likely.

The panel, which says it has interviewed several hundred people in connection to the breach, has recommended both Steve Bannon and Meadows for contempt of Congress charges because they declined to honor subpoenas to testify — the two men both claimed executive privilege covers communications they’d had with Trump while he was the sitting president.

Hannity’s private text to Meadows, leaked by Cheney in the hearing on the Meadows contempt charge, had urged Meadows to get Trump to “make a statement” and “ask people to leave the Capitol” on the day protestors arrived.

Who’s next?

Author: Sebastian Hayworth