America Can Kiss Its Energy Independence Goodbye Thanks To Biden’s Latest Move

The Biden White House approved a plan to stop a new natural gas plant that would have given energy to 500,000 homes from being constructed in Connecticut.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission had approved the plan put forward by utility company ISO New England — an electricity firm in the northeast — effectively removing the project, E&E News reported this Wednesday. In Nov., ISO New England submitted this plan to stop the Killingly Energy Center project due to delays.

“The ISO’s decision to stop the capacity supply is based on not having the confidence that the project will meet its deadline for commercial work,” ISO New England spokesman Matt Kakley said to E&E News.

But the proposal to create the energy center was criticized by environmentalists and officials in Connecticut where it would have been constructed. While the plant would have boosted electricity supply in the New England area, opponents of this plan said it would have gone against local goals.

“The Killingly Energy Center is a terrible idea for the state of Connecticut,” Kate Donnelly, an environmental group leader, said in a comment in November. “It would boost the pollution in the area of Killingly, a place with high asthma rates that currently has a frack gas power plant. Its creation would make it hard or impossible to meet the state’s goals to solve the climate crisis.”

This week, Sierra Club Connecticut stated that the FERC decision was “some cheer as we begin the New Year.”

However, Florida-based company NTE Energy, which put forward the $500 million project, showed disappointment after the choice, according to reports. The company, though, did not rule out possibly pursuing the plant with other means.

“We are very disappointed and don’t agree with the FERC’s choice,” NTE Energy managing partner Tim Eves said in a comment, E&E News said.

“The Killingly Energy Center is crucial for grid reliability, and we’ll keep working to be the bridge for the area’s carbon-free future,” Eves stated.

This comes at a time when energy prices are through the roof and Americans are suffering greatly. Biden and his team clearly don’t care about the people, choosing instead to bow down to far-left environmentalists instead.

Author: Blake Ambrose