Biden Advisors Throw Him Under The Bus – Claim America’s Destruction Is All His Fault

Am I repeating myself when I say Joe Biden is a failed “president”? All throughout 2021, Biden’s policies crashed and burned. He failed to make good on any campaign promise. The economy is a wreck. He let the Taliban take over Afghanistan. And he trampled over Americans’ liberties with his ridiculous mandates. But worst of all was his admission, just a few weeks ago.

After promising to “shut down” the virus, Biden told our governors that the federal government could not “solve” this pandemic. After a year of trying to prove he knew better than Donald Trump, Biden claims his team can’t do anything to combat this virus. Meanwhile, he continues to push unconstitutional mandates that are driving people out of their jobs.

Now, his own advisers are throwing him under the bus.

Advisers to Democrat President Joe Biden are urging him to change his domestic strategy for how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, which comes after Biden promised on the campaign trail that he would “shut down the virus,” a promise that he has failed miserably on delivering…

“To be better prepared for inevitable outbreaks, they suggest that the administration lay out goals and specific benchmarks, including what number of hospitalizations and deaths from respiratory viruses, including the coronavirus, that should trigger emergency measures,” the report added. [Source: Daily Wire]

Six former advisers to Joe Biden who provided essentially his strategy for “fighting” COVID wrote articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association, telling him to change his strategy. Uh… these are the people who originally came up with his strategy, right? Are they admitting they were wrong?

Why are they doing this in a publication—instead of contacting Biden himself? Some of what they recommend doesn’t sound all that new. Are they really interested in advising Biden, or are they just trying to cover their rear ends?

In one of the articles, they say Biden needs to set “benchmarks” for how many hospitalized COVID patients are too many. What, we don’t have that kind of thing already? They wrote about “emergency measures”? What does that mean? We’ve had lockdowns, mask mandates, and forced vaccinations. How much more extreme do we need to go?

From all appearances, these articles don’t seem to be offering any real advice or guidance for Biden. After all, he has the entire CDC to rely on, to help him craft policy (not that they’ve been doing a bang-up job). It seems odd that these folks would come out with this messaging, which doesn’t actually offer anything solid.

Seems to me these “experts” just don’t want to get blamed for Biden’s mistakes. More cases of COVID have been counted under Biden than Trump. More Americans have died as well. While this could have been inevitable, it is a black mark on Biden’s presidency. He did promise to “shut down” this thing—and failed.

Perhaps these epidemiologists and experts just don’t want to lose their credibility. Like rats fleeing a sinking ship, they are distancing themselves from old Joe to salvage their own careers. We might see more people do that in the coming months.

Author: Steven Jones