Ted Cruz Destroys Potential White House Bid With Just One Speech

Ted Cruz has a serious hole to dig himself out of after what appears to be a death knell for a potential 2024 presidential run.

The Texas Republican and failed presidential candidate received backlash for claiming the January 6 riot was a “violent terrorist attack.”

The ostensibly America First lawmaker seemed poisoned by leftist rhetoric surrounding the protest, echoing Democrat Party talking points during a speech on the Senate floor.

“We are approaching a solemn anniversary this week. And it is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol,” Cruz claimed.

Many Republicans reacted to the statement with derision and suggested Cruz was betraying the Republican Party, though Cruz has tried to dig himself out from his statement.

Sebastian Gorka suggested that Cruz has become compromised. “Who got to Ted Cruz,” he tweeted.

Jim Hanson said Cruz is helping the Left “abuse state power & shut down dissent.”

“There were ZERO terrorists involved,” he added about the riot.

Newsmax host Rob Schmitt said Cruz’s statement shows he is “out of touch with reality” and “out of touch with Republican voters.”

The Recount’s Twitter account noted it is “[i]nteresting that Cruz doesn’t specify who the terrorists in this case were.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Cruz for representing a weak Republican Party. “What the hell’s going on here?” he asked.

It appears the entirety of Washington D.C. is sickened with the liberal virus of Jan. 6 hysteria, including the likes of Ted Cruz, who gloms on to Trump’s upward political momentum when it’s advantageous.

Fairweather populism is a sure-fire way to keep America First Republicans out of office, especially as Democrats – empowered by propaganda – ramp up efforts to banish Trump and all of his former associates.

With his speech, Cruz revealed the influence old-guard Republicanism (RINOism) still has on him as it’s become glaringly obvious a full transition to the side of good (MAGA) is out of the question.

Unless Republican officials begin taking bold stands against the liberal hysteria surrounding Jan. 6, unless so-called conservatives start playing to win, the country as we know it will be forever doomed to left-wing hegemony.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth