Even CNN Is Now Criticizing Biden for His Botched COVID Response

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, the media and Democrats went overboard to criticize and complain about President Trump’s response. Even though for months the left ignored this growing crisis, they sat back and slammed the people actually doing something about it. I guess it’s easy to complain when you’re not responsible for anything.

Democrats blamed the spread of COVID (a brand new, extremely contagious disease) on Donald Trump. Yet the man moved heaven and earth to provide solutions. He surged support to the worst-hit areas like California and New York. He got the government and private businesses to quickly provide PPE, medicine, and equipment. And despite lockdowns and panic, he oversaw a “V-shaped” recovery through the end of that year.

As soon as Joe Biden took over, everything was reversed. The rollout of the vaccines was botched. Cases surged. Biden trampled on Americans’ rights. And now, his administration doesn’t even know where people can find tests. Now, even far-left CNN is criticizing Joe Biden’s failure.

A CNN panelist and Washington Post columnist slammed Democrat President Joe Biden on Sunday over the administration’s policies and messaging surrounding the coronavirus pandemic…

“The policy side is that they went with a vaccine only approach practically, not not entirely, but very close. They thought they could vaccinate their way out of this problem.” […]

“And this administration, with all the money in the world, from the bipartisan deals of 2020 and the unilateral Democratic of $1.9 trillion bill in March, they had all the money in the world for testing, and they just didn’t focus on it,” Kane continued. “And that was a huge mistake. It’s a huge mistake. They were always going to need testing to get out of the school issue. And now the messaging in terms of what comes out of the CDC is just as confusing as it ever was.” [Source: Daily Wire]

When CNN is intelligently criticizing a Democrat, you know things are bad! All Joe had to do was continue the work Trump started. But leading the country is much harder than it looks. And the one-time VP and unimpressive senator does not have what it takes to governor from the White House.

Biden seems to be contradicting his own statements—and the claims of leading experts. He infamously admitted defeat last month, when he said there was no “federal solution” to the problem. Now, he’s claiming his administration can develop tools to “contain COVID.” What does that even mean? He also ignored the advice of people who previously worked with him, claiming COVID was “here to stay.”

Remember, he once promised to “shut down” the virus, back when he was in no position of power. Biden messaging on this issue has been confusing, inconsistent, and even divisive. He’s blamed unvaccinated Americans for the pandemic, ignoring the many viable treatments that save lives after infection.

The data does not back up Biden. More Americans contracted COVID under him—and more have died. That was probably unavoidable, but for a man who promised to do a better job than Trump, that’s significant. All this happened, as he crippled our economy, triggered a worker shortage, opened the borders, and created inflation.

Author: Peter Jones