Go Figure: Pelosi Exploits Jan. 6 To Push Radical Agenda

It’s almost as if the events on Jan. 6 were amplified by powerful liberal lawmakers to justify destroying the country via disastrous legislation which will ensure the end of American democracy as we know it!

Really makes you think…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed efforts by Republican lawmakers to pass election reform laws, calling these efforts a “legislative continuation” of Jan. 6.

Republican-led states have begun ensuring election integrity by passing legislation which creates common sense requirements for the way in which elections are held.

Democrats are up-in-arms at the prospect of requiring photo identification for voting and they scoff at the idea that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to choose U.S. elected officials.

On Sunday, Nancy appeared on some propaganda network to peddle her party’s horrific legislation while fear mongering GOP involvement in the Jan. 6 protest by tying it altogether with a convienent politician’s bow.

Pelosi disregarded state’s rights by peddling her nonsense that somehow passing a law that requires photo ID somehow equates to the storming of the Capitol building.

The soon-to-be-forgotten House Speaker said she feels that Republicans are trying to “undermine our democracy” and “the integrity of our elections” by passing new election laws.

In the aftermath of the 2020 election results, several Republican politicians have led efforts to pass legislation to reform the way elections are conducted. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law into effect on Sept. 7 that rolled back expansions of voting rights on things such as 24-hour and drive-thru voting that were allowed under the coronavirus pandemic.

Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar Joe Manchin introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, which seeks to require all 50 states to allow same-day voter registration without proof of identity. Under this requirement, election officials would not have any time to verify the identity of voters.

Other Republican governors who have passed election reform laws in their states include Ron DeSantis of Florida and Brian Kemp of Georgia.

While Democrats are attempting to pass the Freedom to Vote/John Lewis Voting Rights Act, Republicans and several politicians from across the aisle have recently attempted to promote fixing the Electoral Count Act, citing a loophole that would allow Congress to have limited power in counting Electoral College votes.

American democracy is truly in peril, which both parties seem to agree on, yet only one party accurately describes the growing problem.

Democrats – hellbent on maintaining their hold on power – are currently in the process of importing an entirely new demographic of illegal immigrants across the United States in an effort to create a brand new voter base.

Meanwhile, Latino Americans have largely abandoned the Democrat Party.

Author: Asa McCue