Exodus From Blue States Grows as New Study Shows How Many Are Leaving CA and NY

You gotta hand it to Democrats. They really know how to make life a living hell. If you are lucky enough to live in a free state down South—one with no lockdowns or mandates—you probably don’t know about the insanity that’s going on in deep-blue states. In places like New York, things are getting pretty bad. We’re talking, extremely bad.

And it’s not all because of COVID. Sure, New York issued ridiculous vaccine passports, baring people from using basic amenities like restaurants. Yes, they issued a vaccine mandate on health care workers, which saw over 1,000 people leave the industry. But the problems are greater than that. The leftists who run the state have made it nearly impossible to live. Crime is on the rise, taxes are high, and even businesses can’t survive.

The same is true in other major blue states. So, people have found one solution: getting the heck out of there. And now, we know just how many are fleeing.

A new report released on Monday revealed more than 600,000 people have left New York and California during the pandemic for lower-taxed states as the two Democrat-led states continue to extend strong COVID-19 restrictions…

“That’s according to Census data. California lost 300,000 residents between April of 2020 and July of 2021. New York lost a net 365,000 people, about two percent of its total population,” he added.

Illinois ranked third in the report, losing over 114,000 residents. [Source: Daily Wire]

These numbers are based on Census data, which only gives us a partial picture. That means, many more people fled these blue states than we realize. Perhaps as many as one million Americans fled New York, California, and Chicago-corrupted Illinois. And if you think this trend is going to slow down soon, you’re dreaming.

The exodus is so severe, that moving companies like U-Haul are running out of trucks. According to some eye-witness testimonies, U-Haul will no longer rent vehicles to people leaving California. They require trucks to be returned to their original rental locations. In some parts of Los Angeles, the houses are just abandoned, as homeowners pick up and run.

This isn’t in the middle of a war-torn society, mind you. These people aren’t fleeing because bombs are falling from the sky or troops are marching through the streets. They are leaving because their governors are so terrible. And they don’t believe anything will change.

The super-majorities of Democrats in these states are not looking back. They are forging ahead with a socialist, “woke” agenda that will see more crime, crippling taxes, and surging costs of living. In San Francisco, people have given up reporting car break-ins—because the cops don’t do anything about them. They are just leaving their cars unlocked, hoping the criminals won’t smash their windows.

This isn’t happening in Kabul, but the United States. That’s unacceptable. Why aren’t these Democrat leaders ashamed of themselves? They should be humiliated that their states are failing this badly.

And what will these refugees do, once they arrive in Texas or Florida? Are they going to bring with them the very politics that ruined New York and California? Are they that suicidal? I guess we’ll find out.

Author: Davey Jones