Joe Biden Becomes Internet’s Biggest Loser — You Have To See This

How is the crack team at the White House communications department going to manage this?

The fallout from Biden’s horrific economic policy has officially reached its peak, and it’s only going to get worse for the cognitively deficient president as his party is poised to lose all legislative power, and thus any ability for Biden to pass his radical agenda.

The hashtag #BareShelvesBiden has been making the rounds on Twitter as shoppers use the slogan when posting pictures of empty and sparse grocery store shelves to the social media site.

Images of barren shelves were shared by Americans far and wide, including media members, politicians, and other shoppers as they feel the effects of supply chain issues and labor shortages under the Biden administration.

Curtis Houck, the managing editor at NewsBusters, shared images of shelves that appear to be picked clean in Oakton, Virginia:

Conservative comedians and hosts of the “Hodgetwins” podcast Keith and Kevin Hodge retweeted images of desolate shelves that were apparently photographed by another Twitter user:

Red State’s Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar shared pictures of sparse shelves at Stater Bros in Simi Valley.

Journalist Jack Posobiec tweeted a photo of a seemingly empty aisle at a Trader Joe’s in Arlington, Virginia. He also shared images of a naked produce section at a store in Falls Church, Virginia.

The National Republican Congressional Committee posted an image of empty shelves, though it is unclear where the grocery store is located.

Buzz Patterson, who was the Republican candidate for California’s 7th Congressional in the 2020 election, slammed  Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for the empty shelves, citing their handling of supply-chain issues.

Even CNBC’s White House Correspondent Kayla Tausche tweeted images of near-empty aisles, though she did not participate in the #BareShelvesBiden fun.

Similarly, Atlanta’s former Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms took to Twitter to voice her concerns over sparse shelves two days after she left office.

Kevin Lewis with ABC 7 DC documented dwindling goods at a Whole Foods in Rockville, Maryland, on January 6. He also shared images of the Giant grocery store in Rockville he said was “depleted of many produce items, chicken, some bottled water, and other staples.” 

A sign in the produce section of the Giant read, “Due to supply challenges some bagged salads are unavailable at this time.”

And if we know anything about liberals, it’s they DEMAND pre-made salads.

The wreckage is sweet, although it’s increasingly concerning just how badly America has declined since Joe Biden began making economic policy decisions.

author: Asa McCue