Republicans Hammer Biden Over Drop in COVID Test Supplies–Despite Massive Dollars to Response

If you’ve tried to find a COVID test recently, you’ve most likely been unsuccessful. Pharmacies and grocery stores are out. Even doctor’s offices can’t provide them. Just as the Omicron variant is causing a significant spike in infections (due to it being 70% more infectious), Americans are being deprived of a safe and easy method for detecting if they have the virus. Whose fault is that? Joe Biden’s, of course.

The federal government gave itself over $6 trillion to deal with the pandemic. Yet since last Fall, the country has fallen short in producing COVID test kits. Each kit is pretty simple and affordable to produce (although the home kits can be pretty expensive for most families), yet we are running out. Republicans are demanding answers from this failed administration. And they are exposing the left’s corruption.

Republican lawmakers are asking President Joe Biden why COVID-19 tests are not yet widely available in the United States — despite trillions in COVID-19 stimulus…

“Who made the decision to not exhaust these funds prior to the holiday season?” they asked the commander-in-chief. “Will the remaining funds be used for the federal response, or will some be disbursed to states?”


Additionally, the lawmakers noted that only 9% of Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan’s spending allocations “actually went to public health spending to fight the virus,” while the rest went to bailing out state governments and other social programs. They detailed the wasteful use of these funds — including New York spending $2.1 billion for “direct checks to illegal immigrants,” Michigan giving $3,200 stimulus checks to prison inmates, and Chicago spending $31 million on a guaranteed income program. [Source: Daily Wire]

Not only is there roughly $10 billion in unspent COVID funds meant for tests, but only a fraction of the money taken by the federal government has actually been used to deal with the virus. According to the letter, only 9% of Biden’s “rescue” plan actually when to providing resources to fight the virus. Democrats used most of the money on welfare programs and bailing out failed Democrat-run states.

New York gave a staggering $2.1 billion to illegals. Michigan gave out checks (larger than the one you got) to prison inmates. And of course, the most corrupt city in the world Chicago wasted $31 million on “guaranteed income.”

Yet none of this money was used to provide tests for a disease Democrats have been complaining about for two years.

It would be painfully easy for this money to be used to acquire these tests. All that the government has to do is place an order. The federal government could provide tests and distribute them to the states. Or, better yet, all that money given to states could be used to buy tests and get them into the hands of Americans.

They can even partner with local pharmacies to restock their supply. This is not rocket science. Trump was doing that kind of thing when he was in office. Why isn’t it happening today?

Maybe because Democrats don’t really care about COVID. They are just using it to rob the country blind?

Author: Bland Weekly