Biden Suffers Another Loss as the Supreme Court Blocks His Biggest Mandate

Hot off the heels of Biden’s biggest failure, the fall of Afghanistan, he decided to ensure no America would ever support him or his party again. He declared he would be forcing all working Americans to get a COVID vaccine or lose their jobs. This outrageous overstep of his executive authority triggered a host of consequences. The worst was a mass exodus of millions of people from the workforce, who feared they would get fired anyway.

On top of that, businesses, organizations, and states sued Biden over this mandate. They fought the administration, who was forcing Americans to choose between their liberties or their jobs. The fight reached the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal. But in a rare move, the Supreme Court stepped in, demanding arguments from both sides. Now, they are giving an initial ruling. And it hits the administration with another loss.

The Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s emergency rule that would have forced large employers to vaccinate or regularly test their employees…

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published an emergency temporary standard on November 4 ordering all companies with at least 100 employees to ensure that all their workers are either vaccinated against COVID-19 or tested weekly for the illness. States, private companies, and others immediately challenged the rule in a flurry of lawsuits.

The Supreme Court’s decision stays President Joe Biden’s order at least until the Sixth Circuit can reach a decision on the case. [Source: Daily Wire]

This decision prevents Biden’s mandate from going into effect for nearly 100 million working Americans. It means that companies will not be required to force their employees to get vaccinated or take weekly, costly COVID tests. This complicates Biden’s agenda, which was largely built around a tyrannical method for “defeating” COVID.

The issue might come up again if the Sixth Circuit decides to uphold the mandate. But the fact that the Supreme Court gave this ruling could send a strong message to the lower court. Will it try to buck what the Supreme Court is saying about this mandate and decide otherwise? Even if they do, Americans an appeal directly to the Supreme Court for a final verdict.

And if this is what they are deciding now, it is unlikely they will rule in a different way, should an appeal be made.

You have to wonder just what is going on in the Biden White House. He had promised to “shut down” the virus in 2020—when he was not in office nor had any idea what was going on. The Biden administration arrogantly pretended that their decisions, which included reckless spending and mandates, would “fix” the problem. But by December, Biden let slip there was no federal solution to the pandemic.

That probably gave his handlers no end of headaches. Biden, after all, is only doing what the Democrat establishment is telling him to do. And clearly, the people in charge these days have no idea what to do. Everything Biden’s done has failed, from the border to Afghanistan to COVID. You’d think Democrats would be relying on their best and their brightest. Instead, it seems like they are trying to fail.

They couldn’t be doing a worse job if they were.

Author: Joe Fourpack